Jehovah’s Witnesses begin 2018 convention in Abuja today

Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and its environ are set to launch their annual convention series beginning today at their Kwali Assembly Hall.
A statement issued by the convention organizer said the convention is important at this critical time because, “we need courage more than ever at school, at work and when tragedy strikes.’’ Delegates and interested members of the public are expected to enjoy this year’s convention with the theme, “Be Courageous’’.
Each weekend, beginning today through Sunday and for a period of 15 weeks till December 23, delegates would receive spiritual refreshment as sundry topics on how to be courageous, faithful and committed to sound scriptural laws and principles in the face of increasing moral depravity and outlawry in the society.
The Bible-based talks and interviews are to be featured to help delegates learn practical ways they can build courage to face today’s chaotic world.
Also to be enjoyed are various videos where delegates would observe real people and even five animals displaying varying degrees of courage, and thus learn practical ways to demonstrate courage in the face of adversities.
Aside from short videos, the three-day per week programme will consist of 54 presentations including talks, audio dramas, and interviews.
Additionally, a feature film entitled: “The Story of Jonah, A Lesson in Courage and Mercy,” will be shown on the final day of each week of the convention programme.
Each day, the morning and afternoon sessions will be introduced by music videos prepared specifically for the convention.
According to David A.
Semonian, spokesman for Jehovah’s Witnesses, the focus on courage is necessary because: “When you look at the news today, you can clearly see that people of all ages are dealing with more anxieties and fears than ever before.
“It takes courage to face these pressures.
We welcome everyone to this year’s convention to benefit from the practical advice that’s contained in the Bible.” The statement said one of the highlights of the convention programme would be a Biblebased discourse on Sunday with the theme: “The Resurrection Hope Impacts Courage-How?”

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