Jewel of the grand master and political cannon fodder, by AbdulRahman Agboola

Majority of influential personalities that supported the emergence of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015 acted simply to gain prominence over President Goodluck Jonathan, which explains their antics at hijacking the control of APC and attempt to place President Buhari under their whims and caprices.
The failure of the handlers of Mr President to permit the aberration, made their team leader to align with PDP to resist every attempt at prosecuting alleged corrupt politicians and create instability in the polity.
The losers in this game of throne are the misguided young people that have failed to acknowledge the policy thrust of the present administration, especially among the much touted educated folks with access to social media.
One keeps wondering why young people have suddenly failed to understand the distinction between morals and morality.
A well-mannered citizen can be regarded as possessing morals, but when he conspires with others to commit fraud or support fraudulent personalities, whether out of ignorance, affinity or sentiments, such citizen has promoted immorality in disguise.
In a different tone, when people no longer respect the law or violate orderliness at will, they no longer regard valuable views of others, which has reared the raging mentality of no morality in politics.
The sordid occurrences of the past have now become yardstick to admit wrong doings as normality in the political misgivings occurring today, though with bias interpretations.
To imagine that at every point where the security agencies attempt a clampdown on political leaders with ill-gotten wealth, the media space becomes agog and discussions in the society change from truism in the accusations to timing and political leanings, what a country!! We seem to have reached a critical moment in Nigeria when the burble will burst, the storm is gathering again, but with different momentum, the real anger is boiling and the unimaginable is on the verge of happening, Nigeria will not collapse, but a national rebirth clearly beckons.
National rebirth is a ripe vision as the grand master’s jewel has been swallowed by a lion in the wilderness.
To present President Buhari in bad light before the youth have been the inordinate preoccupation of Senate President Bukola Saraki and his ilk.
Sane minds keep wondering how a totalitarian like the former governor of Kwara state that ruled with iron fist and condoned no act of insolence or opposing view from his subjects suddenly picked offences in receiving instructions from senior members of his party.
It is understandable that the PDP with the lost jewel likened to the jewel of the grand master in their behaviour like possessed faithful in the Temple of Solomon, are only seeking a return to the presidency to further return us to the era of absolute rot where commonwealth is shared with ignominy.
If political leaders in states with huge internally generated revenue behave irrationally by giving political patronage to undeserving members of their states, how do you explain those states with poor internally generated revenue owing staff salaries and indebted to citizens through poor road infrastructure and poverty.
Youth are expected to be extremely intelligent and have good justification for political decisions, where there is nothing wrong for people to air their views or associate democratically, it’s extremely absurd for anyone from a state where the meagre resources available are not utilized in the interest of the masses.
Using Kwara state as example, the crime rate in the state only subsided recently when the political leader of the ruling government in the state was under security beam, prior to now, people have lost count of numbers of people maimed under the pretext of cultism and armed robberies.
Except the Kwara State University, all other state owned tertiary institutions have poor welfare package for staff and poor hostel facilities for students, especially in Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin.
Apart from Ilorin with good roads within the city, all other roads in the state are in deplorable state and the person that threw the state into ruin is the Senate President, who has been pretending like a saint and crying foul over any attempt to call him to order.
No wonder his two major political godfathers are former Presidents Olusegun Obasanjo and Ibrahim Babangida.
2019 general elections is less than six months away, dubious politicians like Bukola Saraki that recently decamped to the PDP deserve no consideration, they joined the alliance in 2015 against President Jonathan to hold sway and gain more political relevance which fate eventually denied them in the APC, they should be regarded as pretenders seeking power at all cost.
Despite surmountable challenges confronting the Buhari administration, his continuity beyond 2019 will sure create economic stability and social security for citizens for obvious reasons.
The demagogues that pretended as patriots that supported him earlier have all ran away, he is now left with dedicated APC members prepared to work with him to reposition Nigeria for greatness.
In the fight against corruption, the two political bigwigs already sentenced and serving jail terms are members of the ruling party and it is common knowledge that those with huge ill-gotten wealth under prosecution and security watch belong to the opposition PDP.
Imagine what a second term of President Buhari will achieve in that regard.
The masses must grow above pettiness and face reality; it takes collective will to effect positive changes in the society as those that hold sway in different states cannot be exonerated from any flaw of the federal government.
It’s not that economy is easy for residents of Lagos, Kano and other states growing commerce, good roads and dutifully engagement of residents is not because of enormous resources, but their governments are dedicated towards making the states to work efficiently with the support of the people.
This implies that many other states with abysmal failures is because poor governance of their governors.
The federal government will fare better if residents of different states hold their governments accountable.
To imagine that collaborators in sharing of common wealth and fraudulent behaviours at state levels are instigating the people against a federal government that offered bailout funds to states to pay salary arrears and still mismanaged the funds is tantamount to gullibility.
Comrade Agboola is former President, National Youth Council of Nigeria

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