Jigawa state pension board pays 425 retirees

The has paid over N705.871 to about 425 retirees that are still alive, as well as the relations of those who died in active, and those that died after retiring but had not started benefiting from the pension.
The payment was made by the and Local Contributory Pension Scheme Board which is usually done at the end of every month with a view to reducing from the .
While disbursing the money to the recently, the Director, Admin and Finance of the Board, Musa Muhammed Yalleman, said the exercise was carried out every end of the month with a view to servicing the society.
According to him, “out of the total amount, about N338. 777,355 was paid to 204 state retirees and the sum of N102.809,469 to 94 local pensioners, while the sum of N264.284 million was distributed to 127 from the local authorities across the state.”
He said the board paid over N252.7 million as benefit to 151 at state level, and N84.453 million to 47 as benefit, and N1.503 million to five as pension balance.
He pointed out that, “at the local council level, the sum of N71.929 million was paid to 64 people as their benefit and N29.830 million to the families of 27 beneficiaries as benefit, while the sum of N1.049 million was paid to three people as pension balance”.

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