Jonathan deserves award, says Kila

A former senator of the Federal Republic, Engr. Femi Kila has said President Jonathan’s speech at the conference’s inauguration deserved an award.
The former Senator said his remark became necessary because none of the 492 delegates at the conference has said anything to contradict the fact that the president’s speech was an excellent one.
Kila was of the opinion that was the conference conferred the powers to give award; it would have given it to the president since the conference unanimously passed a vote of confidence on the inaugural speech.

According to the delegate nominated on the platform of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, the Senior Advocates of Nigeria in the conference should queue behind Mr Femi Falana (SAN) to defend the president in a law suit challenging the convocation of the conference.
Speaking on the state of the country, Senator Kila said the country is sick of poverty while her leaders were also suffering from poverty of the minds saying that there were other Nigerians suffering from as spiritual sickness for not challenging others who worship their God.

He said people should have the right to serve their God without any hindrance, condemning some people who challenge the way other people worship.
To Senator Kila, Nigerians are so endowed that if the citizens move another country, within a short period that country should become a world power wondering why Nigerians cannot build their own country.

He called on the people to address their mind to science and technology noting that those who wish to live the country can do so while he remains in the country to build it.
The former Senator maintained that the essence of the conference was to diffuse mindsets contrary to the unity and progress of the country.

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