Joy abound as UNIZIK deputy vice-chancellor gets quadruplets

A set of quadruplets has eventually found their way into the house of deputy vice-chancellor, after years of waiting. His name was not immediately confirmed.

In celebration of this good news, a particular lady who knew the couple personally took to her Facebook page to share her excitement.

She also shared the inspiring story of the couple, Legit reports.

According to her, the couple had been in difficulties conceiving for 12 years after they had their first child who turned out to be a boy.

With no hope of becoming parents again, they took to being contented with the one child they had.

However, four years after having their first child, they have been blessed again with, not just with one baby, but a set of quadruplets.

According to the lady who shared the post, they welcomed a set of two boys and two daughters.

Her post reads: “Just when you think God has done the greatest, He surprises you with the greatest. Can’t forget praying countlessly as a new student esp. in my first few days in school when we were having room prayers as Sis. Odinaka Pascalyn raised the prayer request.

“let’s pray for our state campus pastor ‘pastor Esimone’ that this year, God will remember him and his family and bless them with a child.”

“That night, I prayed like never before even with tears in my eyes, and later asked Sister Esther Chidiebube about him and she expounded and told me about him. I started liking him and used him as a point of contact in prayers for all waiting couples.

“I met him in one of the programs and saw his so great faith in God… It was so evident, even in his teachings. You can’t listen to him preach without him heightening your faith through his personal testimonies. I call him the Abraham of our time.

“In 2015, after 12 years of barrenness, he had his first son. We all rejoiced and marvelled at God’s mercy and great works. I promised myself I must be at the baby’s dedication held in Awka, and sure by the grace of God I made it.

“Come and see na, during the couple’s testimony session, mummy Esimone could not finish her testimony as she was brought to tears after she confessed that she couldn’t believe that she “Chinyere” would give a child …

“4 years fast-forward, 26/03/2019, yesterday precisely, I was slammed with a very great news that he just welcomed a set of quadruplet – 2 boys, 2 girls. I just want to use this as an encouragement to all expectant parents…. Your expectations will not be cut short in Jesus name.”

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