Just before Nigerians join Cameroon…

Prince Charles Dickson

At the national conference, it was week two and the drama continued, from where it stopped in the first week.We had been treated to the drama of language of debate and women had protested marginalization, so with the ball rolling, the week was in no way going to disappoint, it continued with the ‘sleep elite’ and the sad passing away of one of the delegates. The debate as to how consensus would be formed was dragging on for too long, but with the consensus group formed, a solution was in sight…

Then, the Lamido of Adamawa, Alhaji Muhammadu Barkindo Mustapha, served it up, “But many people here, some of them elder statesmen who claim to be strong loyalists of the president…these people are in the forefront to contradict what the president has said. In the long run, if we are not careful, this conference will flop. God forbid. If it flops, the effect will not be imaginable. If anything happens and the country disintegrates, God forbid, many of us who are shouting their heads off may not have anywhere to go. My people and the people of Adamawa have got somewhere to go. I am the Lamido of Adamawa and my kingdom extends to Cameroon. The larger part of my kingdom is in Cameroon. Part of that kingdom is today called Adamawa State in Cameroon. You see, if I run to that place, I will easily assimilate.”

Former FCT Minister, Lt General Jeremiah Useni, reacted that the Lamido being head of Fulani across borders may be why he said his kingdom extends to Cameroon.“He is a traditional ruler and a traditional ruler can even be three years. I remember when I was governor of Bendel state; the traditional ruler of Obior or so was three years old. So, not every elder statesman is a traditional ruler and not every traditional ruler is an elder statesman.”
Oodua People’s Congress, OPC, Otunba Gani Adams, said he was disappointed that such statement could come from a royal father like Lamido. He noted that unlike the north, the Yoruba nation doesn’t depend on government for survival, adding that the region could survive without the government.“It is the North that depends on the government, they don’t need Nigeria more than us, but we all need Nigeria because we have inter-married, done businesses together and Abuja solidifies us.”

There is depth in all the comments made so far, and my admonition is this, by all means if joining Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Sudan, Benin Republic, Togo or Ghana would solve Nigeria’s quagmire, please let everybody join. I am aware that some would even prefer to join the United States or far flogged off places like New Zealand.Zimbabwe, Madagascar, and Belize are a few places too.Hopefully, they would allow us join them with our troubles, baggage, and add a twist to theirs.It all looks easier said than done, plenty talk about the Southwest is ready to be on its own and the Biafran tales by moonlight, even the Middle belt has its belt well sized out.

Roman writer Publilius Syrus offers insights, “In a heated argument we apt to lose sight of the truth.” Nigerians are losing it; everyone is angry; the vexation is religious, regional, ethnic, and political – everyone is right.The ordinary woman has her everyday fear and doesn’t understand all the threats, killings and why we cannot get it right. We are not the most diverse nation in the whole world, yet our elite plays deep-seethed bitterness laced with intrigues at outsmarting each other, while the populace fights each other.Who will bail out the cat, who will be that leader, how can we stop the circle, just in case we don’t get it, I will share this puzzle.

Boss says to secretary, “We are traveling abroad for the week, so make arrangements.” Secretary calls her husband, “My boss and I will be traveling, so look after kids.” Husband calls secret lover, “My wife is going abroad, so let’s spend the week together. “Secret lover calls a little boy whom she is giving private lessons, “I’m going to be busy throughout the week, so don’t come for classes.” Boy calls his grandfather, “I don’t have classes for the week. Let’s spend the week together.”Grandpa calls his secretary, “I’m afraid we won’t be traveling again. My grandson and I are going to spend the week together. “Secretary calls her husband, “Our trip is cancelled.”

Husband calls secret lover, “We cannot spend the week together, my wife cancelled her trip.”Secret lover calls boy, “We will still have classes as usual this week.” Boy calls grandfather, “I’m sorry we won’t be able to spend the week together. I have to attend classes.” Grandpacalls his secretary, “Change of plans! We are still traveling this week. Make arrangements.”
Let the Lamido threaten, there is a nation in turmoil, lives and property have no value, ritual killings, Fulani raids, unknown gunmen, cattle rustlers, Boko Haram, government haram, we are just not getting it right, the question is, how will the chain be broken, when will it be broken – only time will tell.

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