Kaduna govt to engage 2,550 youths in community services

By AbdulRaheem Aodu

Kaduna state government has concluded arrangements to employ 2,550 youth from across the 255 wards in the state from next month under the 2013 Subsidy and Reinvestment Programme (Sure-P) to provide community development services in the state, Governor Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, has said.
He said the youth to be composed of 60 per cent males and 40 percent females would in their respective wards provide sanitary services, public security and control of human and vehicular traffic during public functions. They would also be expected to provide sensitisation and enlightenment services as well as being advocates for peace in their neighbourhoods.

He said: “We have concluded plans to engage 2,550 youths using our 2013 SURE-P funds. These youth would be drawn from the 255 wards across the state with 40 per cent of them to be women. They would provide community development services within their respective wards in the areas of sanitisation of major roads and public institutions.”

He said the youth would also be tasked with the provision of, “security, control of human and vehicular traffic especially during occasion and public functions, sensitisation/enlightenment, advocacy on peace. They would be paid an allowance of N10, 000 monthly with effect from April, 2014.”

Yero reiterated the Kaduna state government’s quest to create wealth, through the creation of massive employment opportunities for the teeming youth in the state, to reduce poverty and address the insecurity that has been ravaging parts of the north while engendering peaceful coexistence and unity among the residents of the state.

“The state will collaborate with the federal ministry of finance to enable 2,000 unemployed graduates of our state to participate in the federal government SURE-P community services, women and youth programme scheme on Graduate Internship Scheme (GIS).

“Under this programme, each participating graduate will receive an allowance of N30, 000.00 from the federal government and a stipend of N10, 000 from the state totalling N40, 000.00 monthly.”

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