Kaduna-Jos road and FERMA

Permit me a space to draw the attention of Federal Road Maintenance Agency (FERMA) on its ongoing Kaduna to jos road rehabilitation which it abruptly stopped. Recall, the FERMA began the rehabilitation of the road even when the federal government has already awarded the contract for the total construction of the new road from Kaduna to Jos.

In view of the deplorable condition of the road, many commuters heaved a temporary relief and commended the FERMA for its timely intervention. FERMA patched many holes that dotted the road. However, many big holes were left out by the agency from Gadan-Gayan to Fanturawa, almost six kilometers journey, which are yet to be filled or patched two months after.

These holes which are increasing in sizes on daily basis have continued to cause frequent accidents. Besides,the widened holes are situated within the forest which provides shelter for criminals who attack motorists.

I am passionately appealing to the FERMA to kindly come and fill these eyesore holes.

Ibrahim Mustapha,

Pambegua, Kaduna state.