Kaduna pilgrims board lauds NAHCON over caravan health system

The Kaduna state Muslim Pilgrims Welfare Board has commended the healthcare approach – the Caravan Health Delivery System – introduced by the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria, NAHCON to bring healthcare services to the door steps of pilgrims in their tents at the Mashaa’air (religious sites) areas of Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah.

The Overseer of the Board, Imam Husayn Sulayman Tsoho Ikara, said this in an interview with Freedom Radio Group, Kaduna Station, in Makkah.

He said the system being new, it was normal that it faced challenges, but with perseverance, commitment, dedication and sacrifice the Caravan health delivery system would be a well sought after by all States that became handicapped to queue into system this year, saying the dexterity with which the National Medical Team stood their grounds with unwaivering commitment, the Caravan health delivery system would be a role model to other countries to follow.

He commended the proponent of this idea, advising they take lessons from the hiccups encountered with a view for reappraisal and taking measures to improve on the noted lapses, during subsequent operations for a hundred percent success. 
Imam Husayn Sulayman was full of praises for the Kaduna State pilgrims over their exemplary conduct and behavior so far, saying their loyalty, respect, total obedience to instructions and laid down guidelines was unequalled in many years past.

He said, but for cases of two serious illnesses, the Kaduna State pilgrims can be said to have never faced any serious health challenge so far, except for the usual minor cases of fatigue, body pains, cough and catarrh which are normal.Imam Husayn Sulayman Ikara is hopeful that the return journey of Kaduna State pilgrims will begin from the twentieth of this month.

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