Kaduna: Sheikh Gumi disagrees with Police over religious rehabilitation centre

A popular Islamic leader Sheikh Mahmud Abubakar Gumi has disagree with Police on alleged discovery of torture and detention centre for adults and children in Rigasa, kaduna state, saying that the centre remained the best religious rehabilitation centre for Muslims youths who are addicted to drugs.

The Islamic leader also disagrees with the allegation of sexual abuse, arguing that the centre is a crowded place, and too open for such illicit act “except they are talking about the students themselves, I wouldn’t know,” he said.

Sheikh Gumi who made the remark in an interview with Blueprint, said they’re very much aware of the existence of the centre and had visited the place in the past, adding that Islamic religious indoctrination and teaching remained the best rehabilitation among addicted Muslims than secular centre.

According to him, people rehabilitated through Islamic indoctrination and teaching hardly returned back after conversion because of the belief as they behaves and see themselves more like Imam and Mallams.

On issues of torture, he said some young drug addicts were brought to the centre by parents when their conditions had already gone too bad and difficult to even control by the parents themselves.

“And therefore are requires to be chain for a while in other not to cause harm or inflict injury on others.

“On the adults and children of Islamic rehabilitation schools in Kaduna, there were a lot of misrepresentation and misquotations.

“The people running the centre had called me to come and see the rehabilitation centre for drug addicts,” he said.

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