Kaduna: Why I want to represent Chikun/Kajuru in House of Reps – ADC candidate

A veteran journalist and the African Democratic Party (ADC) candidate for Chikun/Kajuru Constituency in the 2023 House of Representatives election in Kaduna state, Hawwah Abdullahi Gambo, has said that politicians have failed the constituency since 1999.

In a statement she signed and made available to Blueprint in Abuja Tuesday, Gambo said that years of denials prompted her declaring interest to contest in the 2023 House of Representatives election, in order to provide dividends of democracy to the people of her constituency.

Gambo, who reeled out her academic qualifications and travails in life as evidence of her being the perfect woman for the job, said that the people of  Chikun/Kajuru Constituency have the opportunity of changing the narrative by electing her to represent them. 

She said: “Since 1999, the Chikun/Kajuru Constituency of Kaduna State has had representations at the National Assembly. The purpose of this privilege was to bring holistic development to its various communities, but for 23 years, the career politicians, who have stood as legislators on behalf of the constituency have further impoverished it. 

“These ‘business as usual’ representatives have only served their own interests, rather than that of the entire community. Year after year, tenure after tenure, they come back to sell the same lies they have marketed to the people countless times.

“Visiting my constituency makes me cry because of its deplorable condition and high level of insecurity. For years, I have asked myself what I should do to reduce the unfortunate circumstances brought upon us by those meant to mitigate our sufferings. The incoming 2023 elections presented an answer to this question, as I have come to understand that the only way to dethrone evil is not to stand aloof with arms akimbo, but to contest against it. 

“For this reason, I have chosen to contest for the 2023 House of Representatives Election under the umbrella of African Democratic Congress (ADC) so that I can have the opportunity to alleviate the pains ofmy people, and finally put a stop to the culture of deprivation instilled on us by those who pretend to be our friends.

“My name is Hawwah Abdullahi Gambo: I am a mother, a proud daughter of the soil and an enthusiastic advocate for women and children. The time has come for a new narrative for us in Chikun/Kajuru Federal Constituency. But, why the need for a new narrative? Because the journey ahead deserves another kind of leadership: a transformational leadership that inspires hope. It deserves a leadership that aligns with the aspirations and yearnings of ourpeople.”

She added, “For years, I have asked myself repeatedly: what can I do to reduce the unfortunate circumstances brought upon us by those meant to mitigate our sufferings? In my earliest response, I have engaged this constituency, Kaduna State and Nigeria at large, through enthusiastic and fearless journalism, lending my voice to the cry for dissent and being the voice of many helpless women, orphans, and children in the last two decades.

“But there comes a time when the civil society involvement or being the watchdog of the society, no longer works, except one becomes a key player in the field. That moment came and responded to the inner call to dare against all visible odds.

“All these antecedents have enriched me with the capacity and competence to create solutions to social challenges, which are intrinsic in public leadership. As a woman, and an individual with no money to throw around, I have been told that this journey is an impossible mission, but my people have suffered enough. And I do not need money to stop that pain; all I need is their support in proving that anybody can be anything they want to be if they dared to dream. I believe in dreams because our dreams are valid.

“I call on the good people of Chikun/kajuru Federal Constituency to prove their detractors that dreams do come true! And in the name of God and conscientious representation, this dream will heal their pains and suffering by changing the narrative and choosing different in the 2023 elections.”

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