Kannywood agog over Ashiru Nagoma’s reappearance

Kannywood agog over Ashiru Nagoma’s reappearance.

Recently, key players and watchers of Kannywood industry were shocked when pictures of powerful producer, Ashiru Nagoma, who had been off the public scene for more than 15 years, appeared on several social media platforms looking dishevelled with over grown and unkempt hair. ALIYU ASKIRI looks at the circumstances surrounding his reappearance.

As far as the Kannywood industry goes Ashiru Nagoma is arguably one of the most powerful producers the industry has seen.

He, however, disappeared from the public seen for more than 15 years, after producing series of successful Hausa movies including: Tutar So, Bajinta, Nagoma, Gobe da Nisa and Zakka.

Associates and fans had continued make inquiries about the whereabouts of this lanky producer, who was first among equals during his hey days as a powerful and successful producer.

In fact, those associated with him will always recall his common saying: “We are the ones that can promote an actress or actor; similarly we are the ones that can bring down any actor or actress in Kannywood.”

Ashiru Nagoma was at his best having successfully signed a multi millionaire contract with Kano Marketers to invest their money in film business.

Besides, investing in any film which Nagoma was involved in, they would normally give him free hand to choose the actors and actresses that would feature in the film. A situation that gave the producer a very powerful position of hiring and firing and hire any actor and actress as it pleased him. At a point, Nagoma became so powerful that he featured 10 A grade actors and actresses in one film.

He also turned people’s attention to, not just following the script of his films, but to the costume of those featuring in his films.

However, all of a sudden, the ace producer was nowhere to be found. This is as some of those close to him were said to have visited him severally at the mansion, where he lived alone having never married, but were reportedly rebuffed by Nagoma.

Similarly, few occasions he would leave the house he was said to have ignored efforts by his associates to fraternise with him. It was reportedly no different during few occasions that he attended as he would not talk to people or act like he recognised them.

Blueprint Weekend check also revealed that some senior members of Kannywood did their best to assist him medically, but his mother was said to have insisted that her son would not be taken to the hospital.

According to her, Nagoma’s problem was spiritual and he did not need medical attention for him to recover from his predicament.

His recent reappearance may not be unconnected with the recent passing of his mother.

Some of his close friends have been credited for posting the pictures in the social media thereby attracting the attention his fans including Kano-0based philanthropist, Fauziya D. Suleiman.

Suleiman was reported to have located the ace producer and taken him to hospital for medical care where he is receiving medical attention.

At the time of filling this report, Blueprint Weekend gathered that Nagoma was still recovering in the hospital, even as his over grown hair has been completely shaved and he can now fully communicate with those around him.

While some actors and actresses are praying for his quick recovery, some others have insisted that Nagoma was reaping what he had sown when he was one of the most powerful players in the industry.

According to these actors and actresses, Nagoma allegedly destroyed the career of many actors and actresses that did not dance to his tune, even as they

Insist that his experience should serve as a lesson to other directors and producers who act like they are mini gods.

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