Kannywood: My romance with Ali Nuhu in Buri Na – Nafisa Abdullahi

Nafisa Abdullahi is a graduate of Theatre Arts from the University of Jos. When she joined Kannywood, it was Ali Nuhu that gave her the lead role in the film, Sai Wata Rana, through which she became a celebrity. During last week’s Eid el-Kabir celebrations, ALIYU ASKIRA encountered Nafisa. Excerpts…

Could you tell our readers more about one of your films, Buri Na?

Honestly, I am also passionate about that film, Buri Na, and since the film hit the market, I have been receiving series of messages from highly placed Kannywood stakeholders and other members of the society.

They want to know why I featured Ali Nuhu in the film, and not only that, they also want to know why I was so passionately in love with him in the film. In fact, some argued that I did the film to promote Ali Nuhu and to somehow popular Kannywood stars that they thought are very close to me.

But right from the time of writing the script, I thought of doing it in two parts – one is about a dangerous gang leader that has several of his boys all over town engaged in criminal activities and in most cases, whenever they are apprehended, they will always use their connection within the system and secure their release without necessarily being charged to court.

And in that part, I featured Shuaibu Lawal Kumurchi who played the part perfectly, but I also featured as an A-grade detective and ensured that I arrested Kumurchi and his gang and send them to prison.

However, unfortunately even in my own case, when I arrested Kumurchi, he used his connection and promptly returned to his dreaded business and even went after me.

The second part of the film, Buri Na, was where I fall in love so passionately with a renowned Kannywood star, but when I discovered that he is not interested in me.

In fact, he was already dating my sister, and I scandalised him through the media and later planted a dead body in his car and arrested him. I then offered to give him soft landing from prosecution if he would marry me.

Later, my game plan succeeded and we got married with the star which in this case was Ali Nuhu. Ali fit perfectly in my dream because he is tall, black like me, handsome and the toast of any lady in the industry.

So, if the film ended up promoting him above others, I have no regrets because when I was struggling to be a star, he assisted me and gave me a lead role in Sai Wata Rana, and since then I became an instant celebrity.

Tell us about your affairs with Adam Zango

You see, you guys in the media are always fond of remembering scandals. In my carrier I have won several awards. I thought that you would ask me how I feel winning such awards. In any case, yes, there was a time I was seriously dating Adam A.

Zango and it is also true that we planned to get married, but later the relationship crashed. On the issue of going to court, yes, there was a time such scandal was reported so widely in the media that Zango impregnated me and refused to marry me; then I dragged him to court.

My brother, there is nothing in Kannywood that we don’t know; so, the answer is no, it is not true. Remember, such gossips sometime ago made me to misbehave and I was at a point suspended from Kannywood.

You produced the film, Buri Na and another, Yakki a Soyyaya. How did they all go?

Like I told you earlier, since some people are not happy with some of us I have decided to be a producer so that I can have total control over the script; the story line and the stars that will feature in the film.

Remember also I am a theater arts graduate from the University of Jos, and not a school dropout by any standard. I am beautiful and rich so why should I wait for producers to be pushing me around as if I am a newcomer into the industry.

Three years ago your picture was all over the social media; in the pictures you were almost naked and we learnt that it was leaked by one of your boyfriends that was not happy the way you treated him during your birthday party at NUT Guest House, Kaduna. What is your reaction to this?

I am not surprised you are quoting the venue correctly, because I also saw you at the party. But when did wearing knickers and t-shirts has made somebody to be described as half-naked? And talking about who leaked the picture, honestly, I am no longer interested in that aspect. What happened has happened and it is now a history.

In the film, Burin Na, you did all you could to win Ali Nuhu’s love, and those who watched the film are of the opinion that the love both of you exhibited was almost real. Are you and Ali Nuhu dating in real life?

The answer is no; he is my boss and happily married to a lady I highly respect. However, dream apart, if a guy like Ali Nuhu  will propose to me for marriage, after I said yes I will also embark on a 30-day fasting to thank God for this wonderful gift.

If a lady has the like of Ali Nuhu as her husband, very tall, black, rich, highly educated, friendly, and generous, what will she be looking for in this world other than to worship God and give her husband passionate love and happiness.

What has been your saddest moment so far?

Honestly, they are many; there are some irresponsible facebook and instagram users that always post rubbish about us. The feeling some people have is that all of us in Kannywood are cheap and wayward, but I always return fire for fire because I am a graduate, well-cultured and brought up by a very good family. So, the fact that I am still single does not mean that I will take rubbish from those who are not responsible by all standards.

In all professions, you have bad eggs and decent people that one can respect and I can tell you, you will find many of such people in Kannywood. You know me very well, apart from the fact that at times, I can be too emotional in which some preferred to interpret to mean I am arrogant, I mind my business.

I am a decent Nigerian that is proud to be a Hausa film star; tomorrow if I want I can go back to the university and pick my second and third degrees and be a commissioner in my state, a lecturer in a university, a senator or a woman activist. I have many plans and the sky is my limit; you guys in the press should please always report us objectively apart from reporting only negative parts of our lives.

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