Kano 2023: Abacha the people’s umbrella

On May 25, the ancient city of Kano was agog with the pleasant news of Mohammed Abacha picking the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, governorship ticket of Kano state. The ambience in the city was happiness and contentment with the emergence of the popular political figure. The reason was the 2023 governorship election. 

On hearing that Mohammed Abacha had picked the PDP governorship ticket in Kano,  the people were happy. Everywhere was jubilation because that is what they had been waiting for. What everybody wants to hear is for Abacha to receive the certificate of return from INEC, and he has got it.

We, Kano youths, are appealing to those who contested in the PDP primaries and lost to unite and work for PDP’s victories in the House of Representatives, Senate, governorship and for Atiku Abubakar to emerge  president in the 2023 general elections. We want PDP to take over the federal government and the 36 states of the federation so that good governance is once again returned to Nigerians.

All over Nigeria, this gale of activities is palpable. Nigerians, like vultures, are waiting for 2023 to feed on the carcasses of bad politicians and public officers.who have misplaced the people’s priority and turned state affairs to personal estate. But in Kano, people are waiting like eagles to soar with Mohammed in Kano political landscape.

Kano is happy Mohammed Abacha has been given the certificate of return by his party, the PDP. And this is the moment the people have been waiting for. They have been denied this opportunity for long, but this time around, Kano people are more determined to make sure that the young Abacha goes to the  State House via the 2023 general elections because he deserves it. 

There is a saying that one good turn deserves another. This is a man, who has not yet gone to the governorship office and tasted the perks of the revered office, yet he treats his people as if he is already there; heidentifies with both the talakawa of Kano and the middle class, with his personal earnings. In his fairness to all, he does not leave out even the elite, friends and associates of his late father for mutual benefits.

The whole essence of election in a democratic setting is to send good and conscientious men and women on assignment to represent the people in public office because democracy, they say, is government of the people by the people and for the people.

Out of all those who are scrambling to take Kano Government House, the only man whose credentials define the tenets of a true democrat is Mohammed Abacha. He is selfless and always mindful of how thedowntrodden carry on their life. Also, as a successful businessman, he leads others in his class on how true nationalist and patriotic individuals should be committed to their fellow countrymen and women’s welfare, not only by words, but also by generosity in terms of material benefits to the people.

To the young Abacha, the people of Kano form the focal point of his political philosophy; they are the centre of his gravity. He doesn’t feel content to see his compatriots in bad situations, living in penury, while he enjoys good life with only his family and few privileged compatriots. This anomaly is whatMohammed is coming to correct. This is what drives him to seek Kano governorship election.

Now that Mohammed has received his certificate of return as the PDP flag bearer for Kano Project in 2023, what are we waiting for?Everybody should rise to commit whatever that is in their disposal, material or immaterial, spiritual or temporal, to make sure Abacha project is realised in 2023. Let us allow Mohammed who knows our needs lead us to the Promised Land. Kano has all the resources to become the Dubai of Africa, but without a visionary leadership, such lofty transformation cannot be possible. Now it is possible with Mohammed. Kano youths will go with him wherever he goes. 

We have seen what he had done to Kano in the past. We trust him just as patriotic Nigerians trusted his late father for his unparalleled patriotic service to fatherland. We must not stand aloof. We must be among the contributors to the victory of Mohammed in 2023 so that we shall be among the beneficiaries of a popular leadership in 2023. We must be visiblecontributors to history.

Recall that Mohammed Abacha emerged as the governorship flag bearer of PDP in Kano state in May through a legally conducted election, with validly-elected delegates supervised by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), police and Department of State Security (DSS) operatives.

Power brokers in the state are convinced beyond reasonable doubt to give their support to Mohammed in 2023 because of his charisma, family legacy and influence. In fact, we are happy Mohammed has come out to run, thanks to the coalition of Kano youths who prevailed on him to run for the number one office in the state. Remember the saying that who the cap fits, let him wear it. The cap fits Mohammed and we are ready to help him wear it in 2023 and even beyond.

He is the people’s choice, billed to take over Kano governance in 2023. Among the opposition candidates for Kano governorship election. Mohammed stands a better chance to wrest power from the ruling APC. Hehas all it takes to do so, talk about influence and popularity.

The young Abacha has carved a niche for himself as an influential politician to reckon with in Kano because of his political principle based on politics without bitterness. Also, he is a familiar face when it comes to the governorship election in Kano. Above all, he is a budding politician whose heartbeat is defined by the people and their feeling. He personifies umbrella for Kano people.

Sadiq writes from Bayero University, Kano

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