Kano Hisbah: Dog that bites only the poor

There is no doubt that Islam is a religion of equality, justice and fairness. As such those who practice that course should do so in accordance with the faith. Hisbah was established in Kano to promote Islamic agenda in the state using Sharia law as its major weapon. The agency is aimed at instilling discipline among the youths and prevent any act of immorality. 

Earlier this year, Hisbah was out in full as they frowned at immoral dances and related actions during weddings, naming ceremonies and other events. The same Hisbah at a time dominated the headlines for arresting a poor barber and his customer over a hair cut which they considered to be offensive. They have dealt with young boys wearing knickers, sagging trousers and chased after disc jockeys playing music at event centers. Tricycle riders adorning their vehicles with pictures were also in their bad book. 

Of course, these people have destroyed truck loads of alcohol. Students are not spared as Bayero University students have on several occasions complained of how Hisbah have barged into their rooms, harassed and arrested anyone found with the opposite sex, after which they demanded huge amounts of money for their release. The recent incident is the move by Hisbah to stop the use of mannequins by business owners to showcase wears. They claim it is “idolatry ” and immoral. 

To some extent many have seen Hisbah’s actions to be in a good direction. But in Nigeria, we live in a society where the poor are the disadvantaged. The rich always have their way and they are above the law. This was evident when the pictures from the bridal shower of President Muhammadu Buhari’s daughter in-law, Zahra Yusuf, surfaced online. So far, Hisbah have only criticised the pictures. No arrest has been made and no fine has been paid.

 At the wedding ceremony of the said couple, Nigerian hip hop artist, Mayorkun, was invited. Men and women present at the event danced with full fun to the music with nothing like ‘social distancing ‘. Still, no arrest has been made and no punishment will be metted. The question, therefore, is, is Hisbah still practicing a fair Shariah law? 
Adama Umar Ayuba, Kano

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