Kano LG elections and the garbage from outside

One wonders why the recent local government election in Kano state kindles unnecessary furore from outside the state. For one, I know in most of the southern states, there have been reports of gunmen coming out at the day time, firing at people who are/were to cast their votes to elect the people of their choice.

These gunmen, who are opposition agents, do this to scare voters and snatch the ballot boxes in order to rig the elections.

Despite such shameful acts, these people still poke their noses where not necessary. In northern Nigeria, we systematically project the best alternative for democratic disposition as we believe in the tenets of democracy.

We do know Nigeria is one since 1960 to date but our fellow brothers from the southern Nigeria do not believe in that sanctity hence blaming anything north and trying to destroy anything North.

The APC is the controller of Kano state and one should not wonder when the same scale of successes is repeated. We have endured much insults from yonder, they always say that even animals are counted as voters.

With esteem Kano state has done its elections for the local councils with the cooperation of the whole people of its 44 local government areas.

Therefore, nobody has the right to extinguish the yearning desire of the people of Kano state.

So, Charlie Boy, mind your own business and face your own problems at your door way.

Mal. Ibrahim Babajo Sallari
Kano, Nigeria.




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