Kano, Sokoto: BMO passes vote of confidence in Supreme Court

The capacity of the of Nigeria to deliver judgment in line with extant laws and precedents has never been in doubt and those who strive to put the Court and its Justices to ridicule only in vain.

According to the Buhari Organisation (BMO) the apex court has also acquitted itself well in its recent judgments in the Kano and Sokoto gubernatorial disputes.

In a statement signed by its Chairman Niyi Akinsiju and Secretary Cassidy Madueke, Monday in , BMO said the present rulings by the apex court affirming the victories of the of Kano and Sokoto States, respectively, is yet another reason to repose the utmost confidence in the Justices of the .

“Once again, these eminent jurists have dispensed the law in accordance with tenets and spirits of laws guiding our electoral process.

“We congratulate both Abdulahi Umar Ganduje and Aminu Tambuwal. We, however, exhort the opposition Peoples Democratic Party () to desist from its satanic machinations and ill-will against the institution of the

“The arrant and enterprise of blackmailing the bodes no good to anybody individual, group or political party.” 

The pro-Buhari group expressed the opinion that the ruling of any court whatsoever, is not supposed to be anticipated, that’s why opposing parties voluntarily submit to the of a court to resolve disputes.

“This resolution could go either way, however, the institution of the law is better served when parties to the matter respect the ruling. 

“This is what makes civilized. On this count, we call on the to reform its ways and temperament, especially as it relates to rulings of our courts.

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