Kanu’s acquittal: Breaking the floodgate of unfettered freedom

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Nnamdi Kanu with his lawyers

It came to all Nigerians of good conscience particularly of the South Eastern region extraction as a good tiding worthy of celebration – the Thursday 13th October 2022 judgement of the Appeal Court sitting in Abuja at which Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the separatist group Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) was discharged and acquitted of all the remaining 7-count charges leveled against him by the Nigeria state. His war of attrition with the federal government may appear to have been well defined by this classical judgment but the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice Abubakar Malami (SAN) does not think that Nnamdi Kanu is due to breath the air of freedom.

He, through his Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations, Dr. Umar Jibrilu Gwandu, said, couple of hours after the remarkable declaration of judgment went viral, that the IPOB leader was not acquitted by the Court of Appeal. Thus he conceded to the fact that what Kanu got was mere discharge and not acquittal. Nevertheless, the attorney general may have forgotten that he is supposed to embrace and stay focused to national project and professionalism. The mainstream media platforms which represent the flagship of credible dissemination of national trending affairs are awash with the Appeal Court unambiguous judgment by Justice Oludotun Adeola on Thursday 13th October.

Anyone who is genuinely interested in the restoration of peace and advancement of democracy in our society that ought to be devoid of banditry, kidnapping, ethnic rivalry and resentment and other hideous crimes and organised violent escapades in Nigeria should give kudos to the uncommon delivery of justice in the trial of the IPOB leader by Justice Adeola. There are several terrifying factors to this ugly reality and we cannot afford to downplay them. Nigeria, particularly the South-east will know calmness, serenity and progress henceforth following the setting free of one of the vocal regional freedom fighters, except if Malami is telling the entire world that he does not put a premium on this rare feat.

The nation is breeding profusely and it appears that the old adage that ‘the societal calamity is the benefits of the chiefs’ is horribly being played out right before our very eyes in broad day light. The ravaged North-east and the plundering of the South-west Nigeria by her enemies said to invade us from the Sahel is a burden and monster seriously weighing us down. The solution is not far-fetched, anyway. The complete overhauling of our security system and architecture is paramount and imperatively urgent.

Nnamdi Kanu, sticking to his outcry for the downtrodden of his fellow Igbo people in the Nigeria political calculations, made him an eloquent critic of bad governance. Indeed, the bramble tree has chosen to devour down the olive trees, Lebanon cedars, and the fig trees – all the other resources, richly economic and invaluable sources of indispensable service to mankind, (The Book of Judges chapter verses 15, 8-14).

The trajectory and fate of non-violent irredentists or freedom fighters from the beginning of the world have been marked with disillusionment, betrayal, imprisonment, and monitored brief liberty; then almost always the realisation of the ultimate victory and accomplishment of their sole pursuit. Nnamdi Kanu’ case is not an exception, obviously. Following the audacious verdict by the fearless Justice Adeola on Thursday 13th October 2022, it is probably correct to imagine that reconvening of emergency meetings would have commenced led by the likes of Malami immediately to restrategise after the popular judgement that jolted the entire nation to jubilation except among those who have hidden agenda against the wellbeing of Nigeria and Nigerians.

All political prisoners whose freedom have been denied and are subjected to untold deprivation in different restricted confinement across the country should be released forthwith. Kanu’s legal victory should serve as a point of reference. This is the legacy that President Muhammadu Buhari owes Nigerians as we enter the twilight months of his complete tenure. Not only that, he is bound by oath and the burden of credibility to walk his talk when he creates the level playing ground, enabling environment that will allow free, fair and credible general elections come 2023. Such outcomes of election exercise that will convincingly reflect the will and yearnings of the electorate and devoid of the interference and meddling of the power of incumbency. Then it will be proven beyond reasonable doubt that ‘I am not for anybody, I am for everybody’ was indeed a dispassionate speech saturated with integrity, honesty, impartiality, patriotism, and contentment with godliness – traits and values allegedly identical with you Sir President Buhari, GCON.

Orajiaku, an
investigative journalist and security strategist, writes from Lagos via

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