Kayarda village head alerts on insecurity in domain

Village Head of Kayarda in Kuje area council, where two rival vigilance groups fought and allegedly killed the Ward Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mohammed Adamu, has warned of worsening insecurity.

Th e village head, Alhaji Nuhu Gwamna, who spoke to Blueprint, lamented that “drug peddlers and unruly youths have taken over several illegal structures and empty stalls in the part of the Central Market since the rival vigilance groups had been disbanded by the authorities to restore peace. He regretted that appeals made to the Chairman of the Council, Alhaji Abdullahi Danladi Galadima, for the structures to be demolished had not yielded positive results. He warned that the continued existence of such illegal shanties “will lead to further breakdown of law and order in the future.”

Gwamna appealed to the police to always respond promptly to distress calls from leaders without giving unnecessary excuses declaring that a stitch in time usually saves lives and the destruction of valuable properties by hoodlums.

He said the death of the ward secretary when two rival vigilantes fought at a Mosque at Kayarda Quarters over the control of the nearby main market, would have been averted if the police had responded promptly or arrived at the scene when the fracas broke out and the DPO was alerted. Gwamna lauded the fact that the two rival vigilance groups were promptly disbanded to pave the way for lasting peace in the area, but he said the vacuum that was left behind posed greater danger for the community.

He urged the Council chairman to take immediate action on the recommendations made by the traditional council and not to wait until another violent incident erupted before acting. “We, the indigenes of Abuja, are being cheated with the way our lands are being taken away without compensation. Th e future of our children is at serious risk as they would have nowhere to call home should this ugly trend continue unchecked,” he said

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