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If we look into the manner through which the Kano State Ministry of Education is fully functioning round the clock to ensure perpetual, constant provision of competent teachers for conducive atmosphere for teaching and learning in our primary and secondary schools, one must doff off his hat for the present Kano State Commissioner for Education Muhammad Sunusi Majidadin Kiru. Apparently, one may not hear much about Sunusi Muhammad Kiru, because he’s not a humble-bragged noisemaker, but rather someone whose beliefs in action speaks loader than words cannot be overestimated.

If you are very familiar with daily happenings in Kano state educational sector, you must come to agree with me that the sector requires someone with magic wand to solve its myriad problems. For Kano state to achieve its desired goal of free and compulsory education for all, public schools should receive the required attention. Therefore, when we furnish public schools with the expected infrastructure, it might attract more and more students’ enrolment. From all indications, Sunusi might be the answer to most of the multifaceted challenges of our primary and secondary schools. If the present work is sustained, Muhammad Kiru’s vigorous determination to change the ugly face of our primary and secondary schools would not end in vain. Even though, Sunusi Kiru is someone who doesn’t have a career within academia, but rather a non-academic staff from one of the country’s federal universities. But indications emerged that Sunusi could be the one to thoroughly overhaul, transform the Kano state educational sector.

It is unfortunate to note that some students in rural and urban primary schools sit on bare floor to receive lessons. More so, some spent an entire school periods without having a teacher in their classrooms. Consequent upon this, there is the need to redouble efforts to provide adequate teaching staff. Also, equip the affected schools with laboratories, chairs, desks, and other instructional materials for students to learn in a healthy, conducive environment. That’s why I always say, the Kano State educational sector needs someone with Sunusi Kiru’s calibre to squarely face its challenges. In the increasing need of qualified, adequate professional teachers, especially in our primary and post-primary institutions.

Sunusi Majidadi deserves to be slammed with encomiums from all and sundry. Each particular part of Kano ministry of education has numerous problems which require a dutiful, and careful consideration. In most cases, despite previous efforts to remedy the shortage of teachers, one must wonder, still, some schools lived at the mercy of cope members, and teaching practice students. We all believe that teaching and learning cannot take place without a good, sound, professional teacher. Therefore, to arrest the debilitating scourge of shortage of teachers in all the lengths and breaths of our respective urban and rural schools, Sunusi ensured that all teachers serving in voluntary and private institutions have been recalled back into their main primary assignment of teaching in public schools. Since government is desperately struggling to augment the shortfall of teachers, they can’t be receiving salaries from the government coffers while serving in private, voluntary, and community schools at the expense of public students. This move would no doubt have far-reaching benefits to students of government schools.

Abbas Datti,

[email protected]

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