Kia Cerato sets new standard for Sedans

The 2019 Kia Cerato has been redesigned with an entirelynew aesthetic, taking the model to a notch higher in its segment with itsrefined sporty exterior and forward thinking technologically embedded interior,the sedan is set on a path to redefine the standards of sedans in the country.

The latest Kia Cerato will garner lots of interest basedon its looks alone. The new car’s sharper styling is inspired by its Stingersibling, a fastback that has been garnering praise since its introduction.
Looking more dynamic and stylish, the All-new Cerato’sdesign has moved in a sportier direction while preserving the original designelements from predecessors.

With more lines, the Kia Cerato’s bonnet looks moremuscular than before, and the front bumper’s wide air intake adds to itssportiness. The range-topping Kia Cerato, which will also be called the SX, nowgets LED instead of HID headlights.

Sophisticated yet sporty exterior, dubbed theMini-Stinger, the All-new Cerato maintains its sporty and youthful image whileevolving a more sophisticated appearance that nods to a number of sleek anddynamic styling cues inspired by the Stinger fastback sports sedan.
According to Jimoh Olawale, Marketing Manager, Kia MotorsNigeria, the car will build on the outstanding success and market acceptance ofthe previous models, noting that the all-new 2019 Cerato’s entry will be“premised upon the record-breaking success of the previous models in Nigeria.
The front end is more aggressive with a new sturdyversion of Kia’s signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille and a Stinger-esque headlampdesign, while the Cerato is the first model in its class to come equipped withfull LED headlamps.
The cowl point, base of the windshield, has been movedback to afford a more athletic and well-grounded stance.
Around back, the rear bumpers are designed to lookconnected – Much like the Kia Sportage compact crossover, the Cerato now has asleek horizontal trim piece that connects to the LED taillights. Gaining a moresophisticated design influenced by the Kia Stinger, the 2019 Cerato remains oneof the most appealing, affordable vehicles on the market.
As outstanding as its exterior design, the Cerato’sinterior has been redesigned to provide an enhanced sense of spaciousness. Inorder to treat both driver and passengers to a more comfortable ride, theoverall length, width, and height of the Cerato have been increased to allowfor more head and legroom, as well as cargo room in the trunk.
Again, drawing inspiration from the Stinger, thehorizontal layout of the dashboard paints a picture of a wider interior.Minimizing clutter with clean lines and minimal buttons that are intuitivelyplaced below an 8-inch touchscreen adds a sense of openness to the Cerato’shigh-tech look.
Also noteworthy are the new Cerato’s structural andsafety enhancements. While the outgoing Cerato was already impressive from asafety standpoint, the new 2019 model features increased chassis rigidity andhigher-quality steel in hopes of achieving its highest safety test ratings yet.And although the Cerato sedan has for quite some time presented an impressivevalue proposition, it continues to get even better for 2019.
The engine in the Kia Cerato 1.6 I tested is the samenaturally aspirated 1.6-litre 4-cylinder MPI unit used by its predecessor,albeit slightly detuned (by 2hp and 2Nm, to be exact).

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