Kogi CJ assures magistrates of improved welfare 

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The Acting Chief Judge of Kogi state, Hon. Justice Josiah Majebi, Monday said the state governor, Yahaya Bello, has promised an improved working condition for the magistrates in Kogi state.
Justice  Majebi stated this during an interactive session he held with the magistrates at the judiciary headquarters in Lokoja, Kogi state.

He said feeders from the executive arm indicated that relevant documents submitted to the governor detailing the needs of the magistrates were already receiving desired attention and that the results would soon manifest in the improved working conditions of the magistrates.

He  used the forum to announce the formation of a Public Complaint Unit of the High Court which is imbued with whistle blowing mechanisms while urging the  magistrates and judges of lower courts in the state as well as other staff to shun corruption.

The acting CJ   said the establishment of the unit was informed by the need to accommodate public view of the judiciary and deal with complaints arising from the performance of lower courts in the state.

“The enormity of the financial requirements of the High Court of Justice ecosystem was high and had been presented to the governor for which a commitment has been made.

“Unlike other courts, the High Court has 274 courts spread across the state which requires that a more deliverable attention be paid to it,” he said.

He said  he was glad that the government of the day was already giving that needed attention that would favour magistrates, staff and all other segments of the court.

While condemning corrupt practices, the acting chief judge , said the council of judges had critically evaluated the negative effect of the menace on the integrity of institutions in the country and arrived at the conclusion that urgent measures must be taken not to allow it to fester in the  state’s judiciary.

He said the council would not hesitate sanctioning any judicial officer or supporting staff of the court when found wanting in that regard, adding that  the public would be encouraged to maximise the opportunity provided by the whistle blowing window to expose errant ones.

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