Kogi constitutes 36-member economic advisory council

Kogi state governor Yahaya Bello confers with Commissioner Fanwo

As a bold move to stir a revolution in the economy of Nigeria, the  government has constituted a 36-member Advisory Council (EAC) chaired by Aliyu Inda to provide evidence-driven decision making and rigorous evaluation of the economy. 

A statement signed by the Commissioner of and Communications, Kingsley Fanwo, Thursday in Lokoja reads, “The rationale behind setting up the EAC is to provide evidence-driven decision making and rigorous evaluation of the economy. The Council will systematically take stock of the most recent trends in , applied methods, poverty analytics, evaluation methods, and modeling, measuring, and evaluating development interventions. “An all-embracing purpose of the Advisory Council will be to sharpen the Government’s analytical methods and capacity in support of continuing development effectiveness.” He added that the EAC will provide advice to the state government on issues related to growth and development at the local and state government levels. 

“Convening experts in an advisory role will serve to inform the state government on the success of its development and measurement of results, shape future policy decisions and methodology, and enhance programmes and growth. 

“The EAC will serve as a reference group for assessing and advising on methodological directions and innovations for the improvement of the state. “As a state, we are proud to unleash Kogites who have excelled nationally and globally on the current reality with the aim of bringing our finest brains together to move the State forward with the ultimate goal being the need to reduce poverty and underdevelopment in our dear state,” he said.

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