Kogi poll: Igala nation backs Wada

The Igala Cultural and Development Association (ICDA) has thrown its weight behind the candidature of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP’s) Engr. Musa Wada in the November 16 governorship contest, saying he symbolises the aspiration of the Igala nation.

The group, comprising of over 500 socio-cultural and political associations across Kogi state, said Wednesday in Abuja that it took the decision to support Engr Wada after carefully appraising the various candidates contesting the November 16 governorship election.

The association said the PDP candidate does not only possess the capacity to redefine leadership in the state, but is a rallying point of the Igala both within and in Diaspora, and therefore urged not only the Igala nation but the entire Kogi state to vote in a visionary leader with a good heart.   

“We are calling on all Igala sons and daughters, the Ebira and Okun at home and Diaspora, to rally round Engr Musa Wada of the PDP in the forthcoming governorship election”, he said stressing there should be no room for error in deciding who governs the state.

The group chairman, Dr Yakubu Ugwolawo, said its decision was equally influenced by sacrifices of political heroes past who put in their best to have Kogi project realised. 

He recalled how late politician, Dr Stephen Achema and S. B.  Daniyan worked tirelessly for good governance, but lamented that the present administration has not only deviated, but performed woefully, and therefore should not be allowed to continue. 

The group lamented the unimaginable relegation of Igala people by the APC-led federal administration, noting that 50 percent of the total votes in Kogi state for the APC in the last general election came from Igala nation.

The group said the huge support and sacrifices of Igala nation have not translated into dividends of democracy for the people. 

“In the current political dispensation, we wish to state that, out of the total number of 285,894 votes, APC attracted from Kogi state in the re-election of President Muhammadu Buhari, a total number of 146,311 came from Igala nation, which constitutes 50 percent of the total votes. 

“It is very sad that such ethnic nationality could be totally neglected in the scheme of things in this nation. We believe our continual silence has caused this form of neglect over the years, viewed from the perspective of priorities given to other ethnic groups”, the group said. 

It faulted the federal government for not including the Igala sons and daughters in top political and civil service appointments, alleging that there seems a grand conspiracy against the people. 

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