Kudos for Lamido Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha

It is with unapologetic mind, that I thump up the Lamido of Adamawa, Dr(Alh) Muhammadu Barkindo Aliyu Mustapha for sounding the words of warning to some loyalists, who despite the warnings of President Goodluck Jonathan during his inauguration of the on-going National Conference said, that there are certain no-go areas in the deliberations and discussions during the conference such as issues, that would led to the disintegration of the entity called Nigeria.

Lamido has no choice than to let these so-called elders and loyalists, who say that they are supporters of President Jonathan, that they don’t have the monopoly of threatening fire and brimstone to the people of the North.

The Lamido of Adamawa has proved to all and sundry, that the people of the North can no longer be watching while others are pouring vituperation on the people of the North. He has by his actions at the National Conference shown that he and other like-minds cannot be intimidated because some elements from the end of the other angle in their figment of imagination thought, that if the country breaks up now, the North as an entity and its people would suffer.

The first class traditional ruler made it abundantly clear, that the North and its people are not scared of secession. He also proved to be a defender of the northern cause and can go to any length to defend and protect the sanctity of the people and the region.

It takes men of courage like the Lamido to publicly make this damning threat, that if this kind of attitude by the so-called elders and loyalists of President Jonathan is not stopped, there is the likelihood for delegates from the North to walkout of the conference.

Lamido has rekindled my long lost hope. He has shown the true character and personality the royal family is known with and they are supposed to be assembly of statesmen not a collection of thugs who do not have any decorum.  If we can get sincere leaders like the Lamido then be assured, that nobody will look down on the people of the North.

Lamido has done has reawakened the consciousness of the people, that the North is not afraid of disintegration when it becomes inevitable so that all the threats and aggressive attacks by the so-called jingoists can stop.

Alhaji Haladu Mohammed (Dan Kwai),
Sardauna of Jimeta, Dougerei,
Jimeta, Yola (08035864703)

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