Kukah rejects national confab

The Bishop of Sokoto Catholic Diocese, Rt. Rev. Matthew Hassan Kukah, yesterday faulted the convocation of National Conference by President Goodluck Jonathan, saying it is not what Nigerians needed to redeem the country.
Kukah added that the proposed conference has been politicised and would not solve basic problems of the country.
In a special interview with BBC Hausa Section monitored in Kaduna, the priest argued: “It is not with conference that we will solve our electricity challenge, it is not with conference that we will get good roads, it is not with conference that the poor masses of Nigeria will get a better life.
“There are crucial problems we are facing that everybody knows, look at the oppression, poverty and hunger that is ravaging our country.
“In my thinking, it is politicians that will go there and do their politics. And we are approaching electioneering period, we are in election year and if we go the way we are going, hardly will we have smooth electoral process.”
He added: “They said three months, but I can confidently tell you that it is not possible. The Oputa Panel we did, we were given three months and ended up spending two years.
“The same thing with Political Conference we were given three months and spend almost seven months. No matter what they do, they cannot finish in three months.”

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