Kukah to Nigerians: Focus on citizenship, not religious, tribal sentiments

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Bishop Matthew Hasan Kukah, has posited that Nigerians would continue to have problems until they agree to focus on their common citizenship rather than tribal or religious sentiments.

Hassan Kukah, who stated this while fielding questions from newsmen in Sokoto on state affairs of the nation said he is more concerned about fixing Nigeria for the common good of all

He said that Nigeria is greater than anybody “for us to progress, we must keep aside this issue of where the next President should come from or from which religion.

“We thinking should go for can has the capacity to lead this country where everybody would at peace where a northerner can live in the south and feel secure or a southern to live in the north and feel at home.

Kukah enjoined Nigerians to fervently pray for the country because according to him Nigeria is currently facing its trying moment, called for individual and collective efforts to face the situation squarely rather than blame games which according to him will not take us anywhere

“Nigeria is in dire need of prayers and nothing supersedes prayers,” the Bishop stressed.

On the Electoral Act amendment bill, Bishop Kukah commended President Buhari for returning the bill back to the National Assembly, stating that what the president did was good for the country, taking into cognizance the economic and security challenges in the country.

Kukah also reiterated his determination to pull out about 50,000 families from abject poverty through an empowerment programme, which he hoped to kick off early next year.

He said he is planning to acquire Keke NAPEP, which would be given out on revolving loan basis at no interest, to head of households so that they could take care of their families.

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