Lack of toilet exposes our girls to dangers, Kaduna school cries out

Government Junior Secondary School (an all girls school) Independence Way, Kaduna North Local Government Area (LGA) has raised alarm over the dangers to which the 1,000 girl students are exposed daily due to lack of toilet facilities in the school.

The school, formerly known as Women Teachers College (WTC) with over 1,000 students does not have any toilet facility for the students, thus forcing them to enter any nearby bush or expose their nudity whenever they are pressed to ease themselves.

According to the School Board Management Committee (SBMC), there is urgent need for Kaduna state government, Kaduna North LGA, philanthropists, UNICEF and non-governmental organisations to come to their aid in building a block of toilet for the students to save the girls from the danger of being exposed to snakes and other reptiles and the unhygienic practice of relieving themselves anywhere.

Chairman of the school SBMC, Malam Musa Haruna, told Project Watch procurement monitors, during a monitoring visit of “Procurement of Students and Teachers Furniture in 25 JSS schools” project, supported by Public Private Development Center (PPDC) under the Open Government Partnership (OGP), that a block of toilet will save the girls from indecent exposure.

“Our major challenge in the school is lack of toilet facilities. The girls are exposed daily to lots of dangers when they are pressed and needed to ease themselves. At times when they can no longer hold it, they enter nearby bushes to answer the call of nature thereby being exposed to snakes and other reptiles.

“The lack of toilet facilities also creates room for unhygienic practices as some of them in a bid to reduce pressure look for any available corner or back of classrooms to pee. Some of them are forced to expose themselves indecently to neighbouring quarters when they have to urinate in a hurry.

“We are calling on government, Kaduna state ministry of education, Kaduna State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB), Unicef, international donor agencies and philanthropists to come to our aid and build a block of toilet for the school to reduce the danger and challenges faced by the girls,” Malam Haruna, who is the village head of Ja’afaru Estate added  

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