Ladies, beware of apple of Sodom

Women are an enigma. When God created Eve, He must have made her attractive to Adam. Eve did not have to go through the tortuous transformation of growing into the late teens before all the feminine features would begin to manifest.

No one could paint a picture of Eve but I believe she had all the physical features of a woman as seen in her offspring.

God in His wisdom created women in many shapes, sizes and forms. In fact, He is a Mathematical God… a Statistician par excellence! As women grow up, they fit into different templates designed for them by their Creator. Women are shaped in the following figures: 0, 1, 6, 8 and 9. Now, let me break them: Figure 0 is a lady that is rotund. Figure 1 is a woman whose boobs are hardly visible and has flat bumbum. Figure 6 is one with no visible boobs but heavy duty bumbum. Figure 8 is generally regarded as the complete woman: visible boobs, wasp waist and visible bumbum, commonly found in South Africa. Nigeria is home to all the figures listed. Figure 9 is one with massive boobs, flat buttocks and expanded hips, common all over the Middle East and Asia.

Of all the figures listed above, 8 is the dream statistics most girls, ladies and women are dying to grow into. Also desired by some women is a combination of figures 9 and 6, which translates into huge boobs and heavy, drooping backside. The most detested among the shapes is figure 1, yet every woman wants to carry 1st!

In bygone years when sophistication was nowhere in sight, figure 1 ladies would help themselves by folding towels to pad their flat buttocks. Then, as time passed by, we began to see artificial hips, buttocks and boobs in the market. They came in different sizes and shapes. Many ladies, especially the unmarried ones, saw them as answered prayers and went gaga.

At the root of all these desires is the inferiority complex most women suffer from regarding their looks or physiques. They have problems with different parts of their bodies and crave what they perceive to be better forms of those parts. Some detest the way they look generally, while others are offended by their faces, noses, lips, brows and even eyes or are ashamed of them. Another group of women endowed with small breasts would rather have them big, while those with moderate buttocks prefer big ones.

There are those that resort to lightening their skin. They deploy all manner of cosmetics or immerse themselves in bleaching devices to achieve their goal, and the long term grave repercussion is irreversible… they are at the risk of skin cancer and leukaemia. May God help them if they have to undergo surgery where suturing becomes a nightmare. There are also those that turn to make-up artists for temporary beauty. These magicians can wield their finials to make a she-devil look like an angel!

Some of these women don’t stop at bleaching. They also wear long nails that are witches’ imprimatur. Anytime I encounter a lady wearing the claws, I cringe for fear of being scratched at the back of my hand in the event of a handshake! Then, there are those that wear counterfeit eyelids so huge that when they blink, you would think they are blowing breeze to your face with a hand fan!

This dissatisfaction with their natural endowments has pushed many women into undergoing plastic surgeries of all kinds to recreate themselves, as it were. It’s amazing what those women do to change their looks. It’s actually bizarre, crazy and unjustifiable. They have what they call nose jobs in which some women get their noses pointed after the order of the late Michael Jackson. The surgery involves removing cartilage from the ears and fixing it to the nose to give it the desired shape. Some women go for face lifts in which doctors extract fat from the face and cut off the excess skin that results, then, stitch the wound.

Some also go for lip jobs to increase or reduce the size of their lips. They receive injections on the lips to increase or decrease them as they desire. Jaw lift is another cosmetic surgery that women undergo. It brings out the jaws, and this, according to those women, boosts their confidence! And then they have brow lift, in which the doctors drill their patients’ skin on the brow and temple and then stitch it, pulling the chromic along to lift the brows higher on their faces!

There is also hip enlargement, and this surgery involves extracting fat from other parts of the body and pumping it into the hip area to make it larger. The boob’s job involves enlarging small breasts by fixing implants of different sizes into them. The implants are expected to last for five or 10 years, and the sizes range from A to G. Each size is further categorised into small or big, so you have Big A, Small A, Big B, Small B and so on, depending on the preference of the woman. Breast augmentation is the plastic surgery in which saggy breasts are pumped up to become firm and attractive.

Some of these surgeries have failed woefully. Buttocks and boobs are known to have burst in the short or long run, leaving gaping holes and resulting to death. Some ladies end up with amorphous bumbum, thus requiring corrective surgeries. Remember the fate that befell our ex-First Lady, Stella Obasanjo, who died under the knife in 2005 in a Spanish clinic in an attempt to eliminate the fat in her tummy preparatory to her 60th birthday bash. Those ladies that have experienced this kind of disaster are known to have bitten the Apple of Sodom. The Apple of Sodom looks very good to behold but when bitten, it goes up in smoke!

The topic for today is not new. But a warning issued recently by an Abuja-based plastic surgeon, Dr.  Rex Dafiewhare, that complications arising from the process of buttocks and breasts enlargements could lead to the death of the patients dying to alter their God-made shapes led me to share the accounts I have just reeled out to you.

The surgeon gave an insight into the enlargement transformation adventure. He said it entailed migrating fats from one part of the body to another. The procedure, according to him, is carried out under general anaesthesia which can result to complications. He said blood clots might form in the legs, especially in overweight people due to long surgery time and is most likely to trigger off circulation and breathing problems otherwise known as pulmonary embolism resulting in death.

From what you have read above, Surgeon Dafiewhare merely scratched the surface regarding all manner of dangers lurking around for women who are hell-bent on undergoing recreation. I am aware that many plastic surgeons are now available in Nigeria and ladies, mainly students, are all over their clinics like ants on sugar in a bid to inflate their backsides in particular. Some of these surgeons are quacks; thus, they charge as low as N20,000 for bumbum enlargement. So, don’t be fooled by what you see in the social media where ladies flaunt their huge boobs and massive bumbum.

My piece of advice to our jet set ladies is that they should be contented with how their Creator has made them. They don’t need to play God by embarking on a life-threatening adventure of self-recreation.

And here is a final word to the menfolk: they should look at the inner beauty of women rather than their outward appearances. Inner beauty is permanent but physical features are not. A figure 8 of today will gradually succumb to old age and dissolve into figurelessness.  The men are the ones wittingly and unwittingly instigating some women to go on overdrive in a vain attempt to appeal to them, consequently hurling the victims to their early graves in some instances.

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