Ladies who join Kannywood for money give us bad image–Bashir Maishadda

Thirty-year-old Kannywood mover maker Bashir Abubakar Maishadda is one of the richest producers in the Kano base Hausa film industry. Maishadda, who has produced many successful films and made millions in the process, is working on a record-breaking movie titled: The right one to be directed by King of Kannywood Ali Nuhu and sponsored by Kabiru Musa Jammaje, even as list of actors include Ali Nuhu, Segun Arinze and other Lagos-based actors and actresses. In this interview with ALIYU ASIKIRI, the top movie producer, who is set to marry one of Kannywood’s upcoming actress, speaks on the industry, his new project which is expected to cost N35million, among other issues.

How did you become a producer and what has the experience been for you?

Well, I am clocking 30 years and I have produced many successful Hausa films, with Hauwa Kulu as my favourite. I like working with first class actor, directors and producers like Ali Nuhu. At times, he gives me useful advice and even helps me in identifying locations for my movies.

Are you married and do you have children?

My brother, I am clocking 30 years. I am single but not available because I am going getting married to one of my actresses’ very soon.

We have to be marrying them because the society has bad perception about us. I have had relationships before in the industry but nothing serious came of it but if you have been watching my films of recent you will notice a lady that is almost constant in my films. She is the one am going to marry because she is not only responsible and respectful but she is very close to my heart and my parents have already approved of our marriage.

You are working on a new movie The right one, what is the budget for the production?

Yes, the film is 70 per cent completed and will be premiered in cinema houses before being released into the market. It will cost me N35milion.

I am the producer; Kabiru Musa Jammaje will sponsor the film while Ali Nuhu is the director. It will feature a team of Kannywood actors and actresses including prominent ones from Nollywood, notably Segun Arinze.

This is a very good project that will unite actors from the North and South.

If you are appointed to head a committee to reorganise Kannywood, how would you handle the assignment?

Film production is a legitimate business and the society is looking up to us to produce good films for them to be entertained.

However, on the other hand they call us all sorts of names as if it is only in acting that people have bad eggs. Some of us here are graduates from different fields, some can recite the Quran.

Even in the area of relationships there are people who are doing well. For instance Hassan Giggs married Muhibbat Abdulsalam from Kannywood and they are successfully leaving together.

Also, Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya is one the most decent ladies in Kannywood that we are always proud of you will never hear her name being associated with scandals.

You see, some ladies joined Kannywood because they just want to rich and they are the ones giving us bad image.

So, will you allow your wife continue acting?

She can only be a producer. My children too will not act. I will send them to the best schools to be doctors and lawyers because I only have a diploma certificate but I want to go back to school and get a university degree.

We are in a new world that when you are not properly educated you find difficult to even run your business.

You relate well with Ali Nuhu but some people see him as arrogant and pompous. What is your take on this?

Forget about what people are saying. Ali Nuhu is a director, producer and one of the finest actors we have here. You can hardly feature Ali Nuhu in your film not make huge profit.

Honestly, this is his time and we are yet to get somebody that will dislodge him. It is true we used to quarrel but after some time we will settle our differences and move on.

He helps me a lot by giving me professional advice and even helps me identify good locations for my films.

What is your plan for the immediate future?

My plan is to marry my fiancée and go back to school. I want to be an international producer. As a producer, I built my own house, I have performed Hajj and lesser Hajj severally and maintain a fat bank account but I want to do even better.

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