Lagos Airport Car Park: ICRC intervenes, insists on safety of vehicles

Following recent media reports on the unsafe nature of the Lagos International Airport’s multi-level car park, the management of the Infrastructure Concession Regulatory Commission (ICRC) took an on-the-spot assessment of the parking facility at the airport.

The team led by Acting Director-General, Mr. Michael Ohiani visited the facility which was described in some reports as ‘a den of thieves’ in view of three alleged incidences that took place there in the last week of December 2021.

The ICRC which has as part of its responsibilities, ensuring regulatory compliance in all PPP transactions, undertook the visit for a first-hand assessment and to seek solutions.

However, the visit to the facility revealed that only one incident had been reported, in which case the victim, whose Lexus GX 460 was vandalized, had been compensated and the missing vehicle accessories replaced.

Ohiani who was taken on a tour of the facility managed by Seymour Aviation Limited, stressed that because car parking services was the primary amenity being provided by the managers at a fee, vehicles could not be said to be ‘Parked at Owners’ Risk’, as claimed by the service provider.

“If I park my car it is not at my own risk, provided I pay – if I come here and I park and I do not pay, it is a different ball game.

“I am very happy though to know that you have an active insurance policy,” the DG added.

The Commission used the opportunity to advice the concessionaire on a new feature in car parking service model where car owners upon making payment, are allotted specific slots on a particular floor.

“If slot A is given to you and that particular slot has a security issue, it is easier to determine that a particular vehicle in slot A was supposed to park there because your contact number and details are already captured.