Lagos records 5 cases of domestic violence daily – Sociologist

Fatal Badru, a professor of Sociology at the University of Lagos, on Tuesday said statistics indicates that a minimum of five cases of domestic violence are being reported daily in Lagos.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Badru spoke at a symposium organised by Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT) in Lagos.
He delivered a keynote address at the Symposium, themed :“Securing the Home Against Violence”, and put together to commemorate the 2018 Domestic and Sexual Violence Month in Lagos.
Badru said: “According to the DSVRT statistics, there has been an increase in domestic violence daily in Lagos.
At least, a minimum of five incidences of domestic violence are reported daily.” The sociologist said recent doctoral studies also showed that domestic violence was more prevalent in the urban areas than the rural areas.
He attributed the high level of domestic violence in urban areas to psychological factors and stressful living conditions.
“People with disabilities are also highly vulnerable to violence.
“Both men and women with disabilities are vulnerable to domestic and family violence at higher levels than men and women without impairments.
“Women with disabilities experience higher level of sexual abuse,” Badru said.
He advocated the protection of persons with disabilities from domestic violence.
The sociologist called for a need to understand the gendered nature of domestic violence as well as the factors that make individuals vulnerable to domestic violence.
“A key barrier to seeking help for domestic violence is when the survivor depends on the perpetrator for upkeep and survival.
“The principle of respect and value for one another should be re-informed throughout the community.
“This should be done by the education system, community leaders, social and sporting organisations and leaders of faith.
“Securing the home against violence is everyone’s responsibility,” he said.
Akinwunmi Ambode, governor of Lagos State, at the event, highlighted the role of the home in the upbringing of wholesome children.
Represented by George Onafowokan, his special adviser on Social Development, the governor said, “The home is the first place the child lives.
“The parents are the primary educators of the children and the home is the first place of security of the children.
“Every kind of behaviour begins from the home; it is from our behaviour that children learn, and they are the direct representatives of who we are.” (NAN)

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