Lalong’s Supreme Court victory thrills Jos residents


The Supreme Court upholding the election of Governor Simon Lalong, has thrilled residents of Jos the state capital.

Our correspondent reports that the streets erupted into jubilation by youths and some adults soon after hearing the final verdict of the court.

At Buzu Street, Anguwan Rogo as well as many areas within the city center, a peaceful celebration was on, while some youths chanted political songs in support of Lalong.

Hassan Usman who spoke to her ur reporter said, “We are happy because our votes were lawful confirmed for the fourth consecutive times,”

According to him they were thrilled by the final judgement because Lalong has been developing their areas, which “no governor has done that since 1999.”

Hassan said Laying has been doing good work promoting peace in the state and so we are happy for his victory at the court.

Similarly, the management committee chairman of Jos North local government council, Hon. Shehu Bala, expressed appreciation to God, and the judiciary for, “validating the election of his Excellency Governor Simon Lalong.”

He said: “I wish to congratulate our able leader of the rescue adminstration, for yet another victory at the judiciary.

“This judgement indicated that people’s real mandate has been justified, validated and brought to an end unnecessary distraction to good governance.”

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