Lamidon Adamawa backs 100 per cent resource control

The Lamidon Adamawa, His Royal Highness Bakindo Aliyu Mustapha yesterday supported other delegates calling for resource control. He said the people calling for it should be given 100 per cent control of their resources while the north too should be given 100 per cent right to control their land.
The Lamido of Adamawa while contributing to the presidential speech at the ongoing National Conference also spoke on many issues militating against the unity of the country and asked the Conference to proffer solutions to the problems so that the nation could move forward.

The monarch in his address advised the people of the country to be moderate, tolerant, considerate and magnanimous in their agitations and discussions.
According to him, “In this case, let me also jump the gun and say that states that don’t have oil should allow states which have oil to take 100 percent revenue. And states that don’t have oil should take 100 per cent land resource. That means all lands should revert to those states”.

He maintained that anybody who wants to use the land or the structure on the land must pay rent to those states or the traditional owners of the land. For example the owners of the Federal Capital Territory lands would take full control of their lands.
“I will like to advise us once again to take a cue from Mr President and not the so-called civilized people from the West, who always tell us there are no permanent friends but permanent interests and who advocate same sex marriages.”
He stated that what traditional rulers in Nigeria want is recognition and not constitutional role.
“I urge this conference to please include in the constitution, a provision that will entrench the National Traditional Rulers Council of Nigeria, whose membership will be three traditional rulers from each state, including the president of the council from that state.

“As for traditional rulers, I don’t support the idea or opinion of giving us any role in the constitution; our roles are conventions like the British constitution and we have been performing them for a number of years and in some places, for more than one thousand years.
“We should not listen to these ethnic chauvinists because if we agree with their argument, we will end up in a situation whereby every ethnic group will demand that the next president, governor, emir, obis, obas, ministers, chairman of local government should be from his group,” he added.

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