Land borders closure, a blessing to Nigeria – NES

The National President of Nigerian Economic Society (NES), Tamunopriye Agiobenebo has said the the recent closure of land borders in the country by the Federal Government is a blessing to the country.

The President said it will make Nigerians value and patronize what we produce rather than appreciates foreign produce.

While briefing newsmen in Sunday in Abuja ahead of it 60th Annual conference slated to hold on Monday in Abuja, themed:” Economic Policies and Quality of Life in Africa”which is expected to address this challenges and proffer solutions.

He urged the Federal Government to open up other sea ports in Southern parts of the country while sighting an example on why Nigerians should patronize it localy made goods such as Aba shoes which he said is less than 50 percent lesser than Italian shoes.

“The only different of Aba made shoes and  Italian shoes is the glue and we can make up for the glue “.

“In our country, when we see someone wear Aba made shoes, we classify them as poor while we value those wearing the Italian shoes , “ he said.

He said Port Harcourt seaport alone can generate over 6,000 jobs if developed adding that the non-development of other ports was putting pressure on Lagos ports.

Agiobenebo said: “Federal Government must open other southern borders. Port Harcourt port alone can generate 6,000 jobs. We are so focused on Apapa Wharf.

“We need to open other ports so we can make things work. For me, the closure of the border is good for us.”

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