LASG needs more manpower for specialised teaching— NUT

The Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) said Sunday that  Lagos state government needs additional manpower in all schools to implement the newly introduced specialised mode of teaching.

Mr Adesina Adedoyin, Lagos state NUT chairman stated in Lagos Sunday that the introduction of specialised teaching would be beneficial to pupils and teachers.

He said specialisation would relieve teachers of the boredom and burden of teaching all subjects at the same time.

He said this will also address the challenge of a teacher teaching up to eight subjects a day.

“Specialisation is highly helpful because it will not be business as usual in the classroom; it will eradicate the usual jack-of-all-trade, master-of-none syndrome among teachers.

“We have started the experiment of specialisation in all schools; we are at the experimental stage.

“The challenges we are still facing now is the issue of manpower and we want the government to employ more teachers to complement the process.

“Specialisation has been structured in a way that when you have a period now, the next period is going to be another teacher, it is not going to be you again.

“It may be after another teacher that a teacher will have another period; this is because they look at your subject combination with the mode,” he said.


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