Lassa fever deaths: Way out

The widespread Lassa fever nationwide is a result of an endemic of the ‘fire brigade approach.’ A few years ago, when we were battling with the Ebola episode, there was a quick adaptation of personal cleanliness routines all over the country. Everyone was careful to always wash and sanitise their hands. Every public place was having a section where people could sanitise themselves.

However, immediately the was made that, our country was free from Ebola, people went back to their unkempt ways of living.

If only there will be proper by workers on the of continuous maintenance of a clean environment and personal cleanliness, our country would be  free from the of life-threatening infections and diseases.

So, our at all levels should not wait until there is an endemic disease before educating and enforcing environmental and personal cleanliness in the country.

Adebayo Raphael,

Olabisi Onabanjo ,

Ago Iwoye, Ogun state


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