LASU sex scandal: Case before disciplinary committee

The management of Lagos State University has reacted to the sexual harassment allegation involving a lecturer in the school’s department of Economics, saying the case is with its disciplinary committee.
LASU said it has issued a query to the Associate Professor Odubunmi Sunkanmi over the alleged sexual assault on a student, and the case was already before a joint action disciplinary committee.
The university’s spokesperson, Adekoya Martins, while speaking to journalists about the scandal said the LASU management does not tolerate such act.
The associate professor of Economics, was allegedly caught sexually assaulting an unidentified female undergraduate in his department two weeks ago.
The university’s spokesperson said the case is already before the disciplinary committee and would be forwarded to the university senate for consideration.
However, in earlier reports, the university’s Registrar Olayinka Amuni had said that the sanction for such act once established would be dismissal.
“We would examine whatever response you give with the evidences before us and if the evidences are not genuine, we won’t push further.
“But if we can find element of truth in what is before us, the matter is sent to disciplinary committee and the sanction for such activities is dismissal,” he said.
The registrar also said LASU management encourages its students to confide in them and always report any form of sexual harassment from their academic or non-academic staff.

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