Late PDP women leader’s daughter speaks on joining politics

The first child of Salome Acheju Abuh, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Women Leader killed in Kogi state during the just concluded governorship election Mrs.Tavershima Eikojonwa, has lamented the death of her mother, saying no woman
should be treated like her mother.

Eikojonwa stated this Friday in Abuja while fielding questions from journalists during a peaceful walk by women to the federal ministry of women affairs and social development to present the charter of demand after the National Women Dialoque.

She appealed to President Mohammadu Buhari to ensure justice for the family, saying the manner her mother was killed was ‘uncalled for’.

“We were not there she was in our family house in the village all I was told was the family house was on fire and where is mummy they said nobody can tell but her ashes were found they only found a burnt skull with ashes there. We can’t even say how she died, its terrible.

“President Buhari please arise for us, don’t be comfortable on your seat, let there be justice for Salome abuh and the entire abuh family. The way she died was uncalled for and I pray justice be given to all women for the sake of  late honorable Mrs Salome.

“My mum was very full of life, very agile. She could be physically a woman but she was ten men in a woman. She is hospitable woman, very lively, she is a mobiliser she is a woman leader for PDP.

“She has been a very good mobiliser, she has been a help to widows, a help to the fatherless even people she has not known. Everybody is her brother and sister irrespective of where you come from,” she said.

She expressed disappointment on the nature of Nigeria politics, saying “If women will be burnt like this I wouldn’t say they should venture into politics”.

She however urged women to keep the political struggled on and not be discouraged.

“But a woman must stand, I still encourage women to go into politics but they shouldnt be treated like my mother.

“I really sincerely form the depth of our heart appreciate what the women are doing here. A lot of them have not met her physically but I see the passion from the way they are all out here crying out for justice for Salome. Indeed she is my mum and she deserves this.

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