Lawan flags off 2021 free medical outreach in Yobe

Senate President Ahmad Lawan

The President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan, has flagged off at two centres in Yobe state free medical outreach for 2021 for the less privileged who are in need of treatment for some medical conditions but for which they could not afford the cost.

Lawan flagged off the event both at the Specialist Hospital Gashua on Saturday to cover three Local Government Areas (LGAs)  – Bade, Jakusko and Yusufari and also at the Federal Medical Center, Nguru on Sunday to cover the remaining three LGAs namely Nguru, Karasuwa and Machina that make up the Yobe North Senatorial District.

Also on Sunday, the Senate President flagged off free mass animal vaccination for Cattle, Sheep and Goats at Gajammu village, Nguru.
The medical/surgical outreach and animal vaccination were both started in 2017 and have become an annual event.

The medical outreach includes free surgical screening, eye surgeries and free eye glasses, treatment for hernia, fibroids and other gynecological related ailments.

Speaking at the flag off ceremony at the Gashua Center, the Senate President said the event which was the fourth in the series was part of his modest contributions to the society.

He  said the medical outreach was organised jointly between his Foundation, Senator Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan (SAIL) Foundation and Yobe State Ministry of Health, the Federal Ministry of Health and in partnership with medical doctors who are serving in the Specialist Hospital, Gashua and Federal Medical Center, Nguru.
“In life, we are supposed to give back to society when we are privileged and when we are serving.

“I consider this as part of my little contributions to the society and this foundation (SAIL), by the Grace of God, will continue to do this even when I’m not serving.

“So it is my special way of saying that I know some people cannot afford the treatment especially the eye sight where surgeries are carried out, glasses are given and some treatment are also given to those who are in need of treatment.

“Also we intervene in the area of fibroids, in the area of hernia and so on and so forth and I believe that this is an intervention that goes a long way in giving respite, in giving some reliefs to people who suffer from these ailments and most of these ailments are suffered by people who are not able to treat themselves because they lack the wherewithal to treat themselves

“So we always feel that when we do this we are doing the right thing even though in a little way. This year by the Grace of God, being the fourth, we are going to see additional treatment for people who are suffering from the ailments that we are intervening”, he said .

He challenged the medical outreach team to conduct researches to see which other ailments or deseases that needed intervention next year

“We don’t pray that people should have diseases but when it happens, let’s know which areas appear prevalent so that next year we can add to our areas of intervention by the Grace of God,” he stressed.

He also announced plan to construct an Intensive Care Unit at the Specialist Hospital Gashua next year so that the facility could be readily made available to those who would need of it.

Speaking on Sunday at the Federal Medical Center, Nguru, the Medical Director, Dr. Abubakar Muhammad Musa, said several patients who are suffering from different types of diseases that require surgeries are expected to benefit from the medical intervention.

He said the programme covers three major surgical specialities: General surgery, Gynaecology and Ophthalmology.

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