Lawmaker lights up 11 communities in Niger

The Senator reprsenting South, Muhammad Bima Enagi, has powered 11 in his district with solar energy.
A statement signed by the said the are under Bisanti ward in Katcha local area. 
The include Kakakpangi, Emi-Sheshi, Wasagi, Egba Nasara and Emitsowa. Others are Emi-Liman, Emiyagi, Ekokapa, Emigindazhi and Ekoagi.

According to the , the project was a part fulfilment of his promise of trying his best towards addressing power problems in his .
He said he had earlier powered riverine of Gbara and Muregi under Mokwa local .

“Power is critical to economic prosperity. The industrial revolution witnessed in the world would not have been possible if Michael Faraday and his colleagues did not discover electricity. That is why we should not let our rural areas who are yet to be connected to the national grid just like that. Getting everywhere connected to the national grid is not something achievable overnight, therefore we are embracing solar energy in the interim. I believe it will go a long way in boosting their lives and that of they in,” he said.

The added that he would begin the next phase of the project in a matter of weeks.

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