Leaders must desist from vulgar, disrespectful language – Cleric

A cleric and representative of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Rev Joseph Hassan Hayab, has said that without tolerance and unity in the country, the much needed security and unity for national development would be a mirage.
Discussing the theme, “Tolerance and Unity for National Development” in a lecture delivered yesterday at the Blueprint award by the Emir of Gwandu, the CAN official said peace and security for development will continue to elude the country if leaders continue with the use of vulgar and disrespectful languages in national discourse.
According to him, the youths tend to promote disunity and hatred due to joblessness.
He added that the addiction to social media where hatred and insecurity is being promoted at its peak is out of the frustration of lack of what to do.
“Nigerian leaders must show tolerance, peace and promote unity before we can secure this country.
We, as leaders show discrimination, show disrespect, use vulgar languages.
How do we promote unity for national development? The cleric also called for an end to the trend where the police personnel were being deployed to man the security of banks.
He advocated that instead of deploying police personnel to banks and paying royalties to highly placed police personnel as a means of servicing their allowances, such monies should be devoted to train and equip private security personnel to man the banks with a view to providing job opportunities for the youths in the country.
In Nigeria we have more than 12000 bank branches.
Why are the Nigerian police protecting the banks? Why not the banks recruit their own security and send them to Nigerian police to train them to secure the banks? Also speaking, a representative of the National Institute of Public Relations (NIPR), Malam Awaal Haruna called on the national Assembly to revisit the social media bills with a view of regulating the excesses.
He noted that after reading the social media, one would have the impression that Nigeria is on fire.
He called for people in authority to rise to the occasion to curtail the dangers posed by social media, or else, the country will risk a breakup.

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