Leadership centre tasks FG on quota system

The African Centre for Leadership, Strategy and Development (Centre LSD) has urged the federal government to focus on the effectiveness of quota system policies in higher education in Nigeria.

Professor Boye Ejobowah of the Department of Global Studies Wilfrid Laurier University said, “The affirmative action policy is top-heavy and does not focus at the bottom, and that is because inequality is at the bottom. There is horizontal inequality in the secondary schools in the sense that the educational disadvantaged states aren’t supplying enough quality to students that can be absorbed.”

Ejobowah spoke during the national conference on exploring the effectiveness of quota system policies in higher education in Nigeria over the weekend in Abuja.

He also said that attention will have to be given to the secondary and primary levels by taking the basic education Act 2000 seriously and not by forcing parents to comply.

He added that, “the government has to play its part in the sense that government will have to provide the schools and ensure that the teachers and resources are there. You can’t go out to try parents for violating sections of the Acts when you don’t have the schools in the first place and no resources in place.

He said according to analysis, “Data shows that the North east and North west are way behind and some disadvantaged states in the south have a gap to bridge as well. There isn’t anything as quick fix but the policy needs to be worked out and fought for. You just don’t get up and put up a building and think you have accomplished something. It must come with preparation,” he stated.

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