Leadstar Media Expands Nigerian Presence with Betting Apps Comparison Site

Swedish based iGaming affiliate giants, Leadstar Media  have recently extended their international presence with the launch of Betting Apps Nigeria. The “Betting Apps” family is already established in the United Kingdom, United States, India and Canada.

Like with the other countries covered, Betting Apps serves as a bookmaker comparison website, with the purpose of providing users with all the information they need to select the betting app for their specific need.

Betting Apps Nigeria is focused on comparing betting apps available for download to Nigerian players,using carefully chosen metrics, such as app availability, welcome bonuses, betting features, markets, odds, deposit methods and more.

It also provides users with detailed guides covering key information and processes, like downloading, signing up and using their preferred betting app.

Additionally, users will have information such as the terms and conditions, wagering requirements, bonus validity period and how to claim the various betting bonuses on the different apps available on the Nigerian market.

Jacob Ljunggren, Project Director at Leadstar, is of the belief that Betting Apps Nigeria will meet Nigerian players right at the point of their apps’ needs.

“We are fully aware that positioning through SEO takes time, and we know that we must constantly work to enrich and improve the site. However, we have a great structure, and we hope to direct users to the best betting apps. We are delighted to welcome Nigerian players to our new website,” Ljunggren said.

The website has a really impressive design, boasting great user-experience and easy navigation. Visitors on the site can count on specially curated unbiased reviews and guides, designed to help them make the best betting apps choices.

On his part, Betting Apps Nigeria Editor-In-Chief, Tolu Shotade, expressed his excitement with the product which he expects will be a hit among Nigerian players.

Shotade said: “With the explosion of online gambling in Nigeria and increase in the number of tech innovations in Nigeria, it is imperative to jump on the new wave of tech-savvy bettors in the country. The popularity of apps has risen over the last year and Betting Apps Nigeria will look to take advantage of the growth with our unique offering of excellent insights”.

“At Betting Apps Nigeria, our aim is to provide a platform that helps users in their search for a betting app” the editor continued. “It is our hope that our in-depth reviews and analysis will point readers in the direction of the betting app that suits their needs”.

Tolu Shotade is a household name in the Nigerian sports circle and is well known for his time as radio and television sports host.

He has over a decade of betting experience, from writing sports betting tips to comparing betting operators and apps.

Shotade assured that Betting Apps Nigeria will constantly evolve and keep pace with the ever-expanding online betting industry in the country. Nigeria boasts one of the largest betting markets in Africa, with over a third of the adult population actively involved in sports betting.

Along with South Africa and Kenya, the west African nation occupied the top echelon of betting markets in the continent.

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