Legal Services Week: Complainants besiege Kano public defender’s office

As part of activities marking the free legal services week, areas designated by the Public Defender’s Office (PDO) in Kano for complaints from aggrieved individuals to be registered, were  yesterday besieged by  people  who lodged their various complaints, for prompt and decisive legal action to be taken.

The areas designated for the complaints registration exercise were Dorayi and Kawon Arewa in Kano metropolis, which the complainants visited for their  grievances to be registered by  lawyers serving in the Public Defender’s Office and human rights officials an opportunity provided to the less-privileged in the society, who cannot afford to engage the services of lawyers.

Complainants in the areas designated, our correspondent gathered, had started trooping to the areas as early as 9am Wednesday, in order to get registered while lawyers in the Public Defender’s Office and the human rights officials were busy working round the clock to ensure that people with genuine complaints were heard and registered for free legal services.

Administration officer, Public Defenders Office, Mrs Rotkang Kyunni, said the exercise has been effected to ensure that free legal services were offered to those in dire need of urgent legal intervention, adding that a lot of water had passed under the bridge in the effort to assist the less-privileged.

She said the PDO in Kano had made  considerable inroad in receiving various cases bordering on family disputes among communities in the state and had equally fought for the fundamental rights of those found to be oppressed with no justifiable premise, affirming that such cases were successfully heard and treated.

She stated that the Public Defenders’ Office had been meticulous in scrutinising genuine complaints and grievances from the less-privileged individuals who could not afford to engage the services of lawyers, stressing that  the free legal services being offered by the office in Kano cut across the different societal strata.

She called on those who feel oppressed or  unjustifiably persecuted to avail themselves of the opportunity to register their grievances without hesitation for them to benefit from the  free legal services it offers, stressing that   the office would never fold its arms in coming to the rescue of the down-trodden and the less-privileged.

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