Lessons from 2020 Olympics/Paralympics outings

The tongue of the wise useth knowledge aright but the mouth of fools poureth out foolishness (Prov. 15:2). The mouths of our elites have rather become an abomination in the world of distinguished instead of legends with legacies.
All their eyes are seeing and have seen in the just concluded Olympic Games are extraordinary weapons that will further expose the weakness of our sports to the world.

One would have expected such people to instead find out what caused their ineffectiveness while in office and how to use that knowledge to assist those presently on the saddle, even if they were no longer in office.
Nigerian contingents brought home One Silver and one Bronze Medal. “At all at all bad pass,” is a popular parlance in Nigeria.

Though medal and podium performances speak volume on how a country prepared for the Games, this can only to take place if the athletes were adequately prepared for the task ahead. 
Also, to prepare and present youths with proud energetic strength that can attract private partners or Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to help support their efforts in training, efforts must be put in place to ensure that the athletes get the best of preparations ahead of events. 

It is also unacceptable that after 60 years of nationhood, Nigeria is still striving to get it right in sports sector despite the fact that education is not really a must for entry but the natural talent of the child to get on his marks. There is no short cut to richness or successes.
For instance, Daniel lgali, the President of the Nigeria Wrestling Federation (NWF) was always visible practicing with his athletes knowing that the credit would be his if they win, but most coaches and president of Federations are not very experienced past athletes but are readily available to protect their positions, make their money and after live the athletes with unending shame.  

Most of the athletes are more educated and informed than their coaches and know the laws of the games better. Why then allow the greed of an opportunist to rubbish your carrier?
The determination of the likes of Kanu Nwakwo, Daniel Omokachi, Jay Jay Okocha attracted the world to them as they maintained consciousness while on active services. Why won’t our athletes use their talents the length it can take them and divert their energy to other areas where they can still contribute and remain legends. 

The Tokyo 2020 outing should be an assessment on the Minister of Sports and his Permanent Secretary on the directives, guidance, advise, contributions and their “made to believe” before the Games. Interestingly, this is the first time the spirit of togetherness and closeness accompanied the Team Nigeria to a memorable outing which saw the Minister, Sunday Dare as a comforter that shared both the pain and joy of the athletes till the end. Even the athletes themselves flowed in solidarity with each other.

According to the Bible; the simple inherit folly: but the prudent are crowned with knowledge” (Prov. 14:18). The down fall of King Solomon embellished with powers and disobedience constituted his love for the guidance of wisdom. 
Our Olympic /Paralympics outings must ex-rayed the unconsciousness and ignorance in areas that require immediate redress and attention such as: ignorance of proper Anti-Doping and not engaging NACA as usual to educate the athletes on the rules of drugs and it’s danger to the body even after retirement from sporting activities.

There is clear whistle blow on the need for the ministry to have sophisticated equipments that can dictate substances in the body and ascertain one’s real age. Timeliness should also be considered a priority by the AFN to meet world standard for frequent checkups of athletes’ status and standards. 

Awareness was also drawn to Puma contract that would have been addressed before the games, bearing in mind that the embarrassment could have adverse effect on future commitment of both the ministry and the AFN for similar contracts.
Job in his view asked a rhetorical question “will you speak of the bad and not mention the good from God”. Families and Nigerians prayed for the successes of our country and God in his infinite mercy, exposed areas that need urgent intervention as well as restructuring. 
An honest mind that means well for the growth of sporting activities will confess that the sports sector needs a man with some qualities of the Sunday Dare as well as enough time to bring out the realistic face  of sports and switch on the bright light in the sector. 

Sunday Dare and his Permanent Secretary should be commended for not politicizing the allowances of the athletes but rather enlarged the pockets of both, participants, disqualified, qualified, including those whom this outing is their last participation in the Olympic/Paralympics Games.

Sunday Dare, also in his quest to dislodge the jamboree era in the sector, undermined some relevant staff and units that are reference point to his record of service to humanity in the ministry especially his major participation in this 2020 Olympic/Paralympics events.  

His support to change in the administration of the AFN  should however, be extended to other Federations elections in order for them to nominate intelligent, sound minds and participants that will dedicate time and their presence to their federation and as well, help him brush the projects he has put in place. 
Out of two hundred and five countries that participated in this year’s Olympic Games, despite the Covid-19 pandemic that almost shredded sporting activities, the country was placed in 74th position with silver and bronze medals and placed 3rd in Africa. Ese Brume no doubt made history after erasing the 25 years in long jump that gave Chioma Ajunwa a historic name at the Atlanta ’94 Olympics. 
There were also successes in the personal best of some of the athletes, while some others set records that put the country in the finals table for the first time like in the 100m men and shot put men. With age on their side, there is hope for tomorrow for them to make amends bearing in mind that the likes of Chioma Ajunwa, Ese Brumo, Okorodudu and Blessing Okagbore despite all odds are now house hold names worthy of emulation.
Nwokorie is a Press Officer, Federal Ministry of Youth and Sport Development