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Prof. Onimawo addressing journalists

Distortion and misinterpretation of facts have parvaded journalism practice to the extent that the public don’t believe in the journalist anymore. As a result, people were misled and misguided on the information published or broadcast because the information are not factual and conscice. 

Lack of accuracy, fairness, and sometimes prejudice in our reportage have discredited the noble profession. Whenever a journalist decides to write or report anything far from the truth of the happenings, is highly likely that such information will end up misleading the public which oftentimes causes chaos in a society.
Even with the rigorous censorship that pervade contemporary journalism practice, a journalist must act neutral in especially religious, tribal, political regional or controversial coverage.

A journalist trades on facts, so there is no alternative to truth in it,  but most of our online newspapers are busy publishing things that are far from the truth. Media practitioners became the megaphone of politicians by praising political bigwigs.
Professional integrity is part of the universally accepted code, and a violation of which will discredit the profession. Journalism is a noble profession so we should not debase or dent the profession.
 The Ngeria Union of journalists (NUJ), the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) and all other related unions, need to wage a relentless war against this shameful trend so that the few currupt journalists will not mar the profession.
Mubarak Shaibu ShllengYola, Adamawa state.

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