Let us work together on SDGs

Like someone known for his faithful implementation of the country’s internal and international obligations, President Muhammadu Buhari, this week, reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to the faithful implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs).
The President made the pledge in his solidarity message on the Global Day to Act for the SDGs which coincided with the third anniversary of the adoption by member states of the United Nations of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and commitment to the implementation of the 17 SDGs.
“On this anniversary of the adoption of the SDGs,” he said, “I want to reiterate our commitment to working for a prosperous, peaceful and sustainable world, ensuring that no woman, man, girl or boy is left behind.” The President said as a committed member of the comity of nations, Nigeria “will continue to work with multi-stakeholders, including the United Nations, civil society, development partners, private sector and the academia in the implementation of the SDGs.” He said Nigeria is faithfully committed to the Country Transition Strategy and the Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, both of which are guiding our national socio-economic efforts.
Naturally, President could not have wanted more to speak on any other issue than that which has relationship with the wellbeing of Nigerians and the fight against the dreaded monster of corruption.
Of course, in his speech, the President did not disappoint many when he said that the efforts been made to realise the development goals is closely associated with “promoting accountable governance and fighting corruption.” The importance of this commitment shown by the President to realise the development goals cannot be overemphasised, especially in view of the fact that lack of political will and corruption have contributed in no small measures to the failure of development programmes in the country.
It is, therefore p, heartwarming for the current administration to provide the institutional effectiveness and resources needed to realise the aims and objectives of the SDGs programme, which mainly seek to end corruption and poverty and entrench good governance in the medium and long terms.
Like the President has said, the SDGs gave us an opportunity to provide the present and future generations a world without poverty, hunger and inequalities, and a planet which can sustain lives and ensure prosperity for all.
Still, to succeed, the President must not work alone, he must be joined by all to guarantee the attainment of the historic 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals.
Working in partnership, we have every opportunity more than before to ensure access to quality education and healthcare, to fight inequalities and ensure inclusive economic development, and to sustainably explore, manage and preserve the environment for present and future generations.
Like President Muhammadu Buhari said: “Let us work together.”

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