Let’s go back to parliamentary government

I have experienced three systems of government; parliamentary, military and democracy.
One is good, one is hard and the third is worst.
Other systems in the world are: socialist, autocracy, communism, etc.
No doubt, each nation has reasons why they chose any of the above systems.
Nigeria was colonised by Britain under parliamentary system, we changed to presidential, which is alien to us and since over 50 years ago, we have refused to practise the system successfully.
The presidential system is a capitalist system of government which any poor country cannot practise successfully.
Nigeria is sick.
Let me say here that we need to change many things in this nation.
Our name (Nigeria) has no prestige all over the world despite the bread and honey God gave us free; they all fall into the hands of cows and hyenas, it is a pity for Nigeria.
What causes untold problems in our country today is money because God blessed us and Satan poked his nose into it, making us to be unfair to ourselves.
The European country that colonised us has great love for their citizens because they know that God is love and they established the love within themselves.
They equally colonised United States of America who understands their own system.
At this juncture, let me suggest that we go back to parliamentary system of government because it is cheap and gives power to the region.
It does not involve costly houses, the senate alone is gulping alarming percentage of our yearly revenue, talk less of the House of Representatives of over 300 members earning fabulous salaries and a lot of other allowances.
Each senator’s constituency allowance is well over N20m monthly, which does not reflect in the supposed constituencies.
Fellow Nigerians, this is why majority of our politicians are getting there by do-or-die, let their money be reduced to just allowance per sitting, they will find other works to do.
This is a sane solution to curb the voraciousness of politicians in this country.
Nigeria needs every change; our name, political system, mutual characters, religious tolerance and spiritual rebirth.
Elder Niran Alao, Iwo, Osun stat

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