Let’s live in peace

No amount of blackmail or anti-herdsmen propaganda, our people will continue to celebrate their ceremonies with cows. We need them side by side our peasant farmers to move the nation forward. As we mourn the death of our beloved innocent ones, we should not allow the voices of dissidents in our midst to becloud our good sense of reasoning.
We should all have it at the back of our mind that the life of a Fulani man is as important as that of an Ijaw man or a Tiv man as both of them are contributing immensely to the growth and development of our country as our soup remains incomplete without meat or fish.
We all need protein for growth, drums, bags, shoes, ponmo. So also, we need yams and cassava etc for energy. We should all learn to live in peace in Nigeria and avoid crisis always.

Prince Sumaila Rabiu Adjoto,
Edo state, +23480633618

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